Green laser / light combos at DX

I was looking through DR’S site and came upon this: and wondered how it would work on my Gluck 17 in 9 mm and Gluck 20 in 10 mm I was seriously considering because streamlines and virility combos start at 350.00$ and up which I can’t afford and my vision due to a retinal Victorectomy to my and numerous laser surgeries , I have lost my depth perception and I can’t see with iron sights any longer, so I was wondering if these would hold up to the recoil?

IF anyone takes a chance and buys one post up your review. I would like to know as well. (Can never have to many toys.)

Just give into my urge, if I was interested in their red laser /light combo but this green one would make me so tacticool! If I do pull the trigger on it pun intended,I will put my opinion of it for sure.

For the price, I would definitely find one with several positive reviews of it mounted on uncompensated large cal + light frame autos before purchasing. My 20 has quickly destroyed 2 Chinese lasers so I cant recommend one yet. Trit sites work great, and there are more than a few to chose from. Go see how your eyes work with trits at a place that stocks many different versions. A good store will have several test examples mounted on blanks that you can take into the store bathroom, turn out the lights and compare. Did you get a new “spring” to lighten the trigger on your 20 yet? Makes it far easier to bulls eye with great consistency. I almost sold my 20 before the mod. Its basically a piece of shaped spring steel, where one is swapped for another. Took less than 5 min and $10 for the pro. Now Im in love.

green looks interesting, the red one can be found much cheaper. i use it with airsoft so can’t vouch how it would widthstand the recoil, but it’s quite solid
the best thing about this light is you can swap in a p60 drop in - no heatsinking, cap won’t screw in all the way and threads might wear after replacing it too often, but works so long as the driver accommodates 8.4V =)

Green is a ton easyer to see, the red needs to have lower light. go outside and shine a green laser on something then shine a red laser on the same thing. It is very interesting on how well the green shows up.

I have tried the fiber optic/tritium this last weekend on God but my vision due to no type I diabetes I can’t focus my eyes 9 front , and rear sight and target this is why 8 was considering the laser I think k in the begging of February I’ll take the chance and try it but I do value your In put and as far as the 31/2# trigger disconnect spring I shyed away from it for legal issues I have however put a line wolf 22# guide rod recoil spring.

Legal reasons? :smiley: …okay.

Good luck with your purchase. Roughly how many rounds per month, or does it live in a drawer most of its life? Looking again, I only assumed it was for the 20 for the obvious reason. Im sorry to hear about the problems you have with your eyes. Its great to see that you’re willing to overcome and continue having fun with what you enjoy.

I’ve heard we have a lot of local and federal law enforcement officers in our small but tight nit church that if I ever have to discharge weapon in SD that I could using getting I to trouble by using a modified and lightened trigger made to intentionally shoot some one so for me it is my personal preference I have nothing against any one who modifies their weapons and I am sure it is also more accurate since you have lightened the trigger .if and when I get the green laser will definitely see how it holds up and works have a good day everybody
EDIT: Flash pilot I want to thank you for the fair warning about the cheap lights not holding up on your G20, I have a feeling I’ll bein the same boat a laser that can’t hold zero I am just desperate I have 150+ rounds just sitting in my safe be a use when I first got the gun is when I found out how much my vision had deteriorated and now I just really want to shoot it!

Id search online for your local ordinance and get the facts. My local sheriff advised me to have the trigger mod performed when we exchanged 20’s at the range so I could try his. Its a gluck factory part installed by a gluck certified tech at a high volume shop flooded with leos. It turned a real turd into a gem that I would have sold or thrown into the river otherwise. It was then certified when I applied for my CWP and again during combat hg training. I highly recommend it to anyone after checking local laws. Having said that, Id be far more concerned about the pressures in my car tires than what I might use to defend my life, regardless of what that might be.

Everyone in my group goes through at least 250+ each every time we meet. Sometimes far more than that. Ive probably seen more than a dozen laser failures in just the past 2 years alone. They tend to just stop working. The two I had didnt last a single evening at the range so I returned them before attempting to break them open for repairs. I dont think a chinese version is going to cut it unless its been backed by several believable positive reviews. If you need to rely on it to save your life, Id save for one with a good rep or sell one of my collection to acquire it. The 17 would be the first to go, but I learned with a DE 44 as my first and hit far better with the large cals.

Whatever you chose, Im looking forward to hearing of all your empty brass.

Last thought just in case: would you be able to acquire through a white lined target rear sight and solid orange front sight? All but my 20 use the Millett.

To try anything my pro lam in the last year or so I have a tendency to line the front site to the left or right of rear sites and I just can’t tell is very frustrating. I have my state issued C.C…W the instructor felt the same way about lights lasers etc… just more that could go wrong but he also advised against lightening triggers and using hand loads for SD .I agree the The Gluck stock trigger is spongy an d a little heavy I would love to put a lighter crisper trigger I am just not willing to take any chances just my opinion on my gun I have a relative who is a federal law enforcement officer he was also another Leo who talked me out of putting 3.5 disconnector.i uses I could sell a couple of safe queens to get a better quality laser and some better gorches.!