Green lens for Armytek headlamp

Hello all, hoping my Google fu is just failing. I am looking for some sort of green filter for my armytek Wizard headlamp, or a way to turn the light green. I now have a great headlamp for work but need a green filter for it.
Any suggestions would be awesome.
God bless

Photo/video light filters are your friend. There are lots of brands on Amazon, can’t speak to how they stand up to powerful lights at all, but they’re cheap.

Lee and Zircon brand DEFINITELY will though.

You can attach with a bit of double-sided tape or a small amount of contact cement around the edge of the lens depending on how long you plan to keep it on. Contact cement dissolves easily with rubbing alcohol.

See if you have a local theater or stage supply in your area.

They will have colored ‘gels’ for lighting. Rosco and Lee are two major brands.

Each gel will have a chart showing the wavelength and the percentage of light output loss.

Years ago, you could get a free sample pack containing 1”x3” pieces of each color. Flash photography hobbyists (aka strobists) took advantage of the freebies for adding color to their small flash units. The samples are no longer free, usually. :smiley:

If you don’t have a local source, search Amazon and eBay for ‘gel filters.’

Or, if you aren’t picky about exact wavelength, you could get creative and find something around the house that might work.

I had a spur-of-the-moment astrophotography session and scrambled to cobble a red flashlight. I cut a circle from a plastic cup and taped it over the lens of a small light. Worked great!

Perhaps a food container, file folder, notebook cover, or other household item is the green color you want?

Could just buy a Quark… :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw, was gonna suggest Lee filters. Dunno if you want a semipermanent film to stick on, or want it to be removable like a lens-cap or something.

Wizard might be tough. Some of the various films might be your best bet due to the head shape but maybe you can find a green silicone sleeve or something similar you can slip on?