Greeting from Chiese girl ,Bay

Hi ,

My name is Bay ,from China, I know BLF from one of my friend .
After I browsed BLF and many Posts, I feel I like this forum. :love:

I don’t what to say now.
Umm…, I just hope I can have a good fun there .
Haha, :party:

We're very glad to have you here, Bay Zhou!

Greetings! You’ll love it here! Enjoy your stay and watch your pocketbook! :bigsmile:

Greetings, welcome to the light forum. Hopefully you build up a great collection of lights soon,if you don’t have one already, and still have money left over for food… :smiley:

You live in a dream land of the flashlights, you don’t need us :bigsmile:

Hi Bay! Welcome to BLF! :party:

welcome :slight_smile:
but i must warned you this place has more light than las vegas :bigsmile:


Sometimes I wish I live in China for the sake of the variation of flashlights. I could possibly buy them without being charged with shipping fees , which is super cheap!

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF Bay! :slight_smile:

Oh, No Frown Dinoboy's in Love... Again!Kiss

Welcome to the forums Bay, you will have plenty of wannabe BF's here at BLF.Smile

Ni hao/hello Bay!
I’m new here too; you’ll have a lot of fun here. :slight_smile:
I visited a few cities in China last year, it’s fun
over there, too!


Welcome to China , :bigsmile:

Xie xie/thank you!
I stayed in Nanjing University for 3 weeks,
nice city. :smiley:

Glad you are here!