Hi. I’m a long time lurker who has finally decided to create an account. I’ve enjoyed flashlights for some time and done some basic mods. I owe a lot to many people here. Matt from Adventure Sports Flashlights (i.e Vesture of Blood) has posted some great content, including youtube videos that have helped me quite a bit. Texas Ace and Djozz have posted some great graphs for which I am very thankful. Randy from PFlex PRO sent me the most detailed and helpful email on swapping a convoy m1 switch. I have bought several things from Richard at MTNelectronics. He has provided me with excellent customer service. HKJ’s Battery tests have also been invaluable Many others have posted answers to questions I had, though someone else had already posted the question, and helped me unknowingly. Thank you all.

Welcome to BLF!
What everyone failed to tell you is once you create the account, it triggers the door at the bottom the hole to open and there is no way out now.

Hi and welcome Superstocker. It sounds like you may have a slight problem, just like the rest of us. :beer:

Welcome to BLF

Welcome to BLF! You will soon realize that this place rocks!

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I definitely have a bit of a problem, a good one to have though :slight_smile: I realized this place rocked several years ago but didn’t really have questions that hadn’t already been raised and didn’t really have any answers for questions being raised (I almost chose to major in electrical engineering in college but I went with Philosophy). Thanks again for the welcome.

Thanks for stopping by, Superstocker!

Thanks Raccoon city! I’m a fan of the Resident Evil franchise too.