Grizzly's Sofirn C8L Review – Full-Size Budget Tactical Light

Sofirn C8L Review – Full-Size Budget Tactical Light

Nice review, thank you. :+1:

Nice review. Thank you!

> It’s worth noting that the o-ring for the lens sits between the lens and the reflector, not the lens and the bezel, which is weird. That makes me slightly skeptical of the light’s water resistance rating.

That could explain some of the fogging up on the lens after doing runtime tests in a relatively cold environment (10-18C).

Awesome review! Good to see similar runtime results.

I’m going to split hairs on your terms. A tactical light is on/off only and nearly bullet/bomb/drop/water proof. It’s sole purpose is to always turn on/off with the reliability of a pacemaker. What you’ve described here is a duty light. Bells and whistles but easy to use with one hand only as the other hand is probably full or busy. I carried a Pflexpro single mode as my tactical light and the Mateminco TK01 as my duty for my last few years before retiring. That said it’s a great review on a duty light.

Great point! I suppose “duty light” is more accurate. Duty use is what I had in mine when I said “tactical”.

Is it really uses a 6V led?
XHP50.3 exists in 3V too.

Yes it’s really 6V

Wow. I did not expect that.

The led seems to has soldered on a 25mm diameter board. Is it?

It’s about 23mm (give or take 0.5mm since I wasn’t able to get my calipers directly in contact with it), not quite 25mm.

I am thinking on replacing the LED with a domed XHP50.2 for wider beam and for a few lumens more ( and I do hate XHP50/70.3 and XHP35.2 :confounded: )
I can replace the emitter on the original board but KD has 25mm DTP copper base which would make the replacement simplier. A little sanding from the board edge is not a challenge. :sunglasses: