Grizzly's Sofirn IF24 Review – Front LED, Side LEDs, RGB, and a Rotary Switch!

Sofirn IF24 Review – Front LED, Side LEDs, RGB, and a Rotary Switch!

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IDK why they didn’t just release the S version with the buck driver to begin with and forget about this version entirely.

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Exactly! :+1:

I also wish they did, but I understand why they didn’t. The S version is more expensive to make. When sofirn sell their products, they sell lumens for cheap. The average buyer doesn’t know what a buck driver is, but that’s just how it is. Luckily, it isn’t that long until the S version releases :slight_smile:

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Has Sofirn given a date yet for when the model with the buck driver is being released? I’m looking for a replacement for one of my lights and am wondering if I should wait or not.

I asked and they said “The IF24S will [not] be available for purchase till May due to the delay of mass production. Sorry~”

I received my IF24 today.

My first impressions:

  • Feels good in the hand. As expected, this is a bit too large for comfortable pocket EDC, but that’s ok since this isn’t designed for that.
  • Clip is ok, but not great. I love that they did not use one of the hated reversible clips. However, the clip retention for such a big light feels a bit weak. Needs a thicker clip.
  • Rotary ring is very nice. Much better than only having a single button. However, it can’t be operated by feel since every setting feels the same. Would be better if it had maybe a 180 degree arc of travel with a noticeable protrusion on one side. That way the user could change to any setting by feel without having to look at the light.
  • Rotating the ring to a new setting causes the light to go on in low mode in that setting. This is irritating since it isn’t possible to choose the light mode before turning it on. Would be better if rotating the ring caused the light to turn off.
  • USB cover is well-done and fits securely.
  • Side light is well-done. Quite bright on white mode and very configurable on color mode. Love the infinite color adjustment.
  • Front light is well done. Maintains high brightness for quite awhile when turbo is used.

What could be improved:

  • Stronger clip.
  • Redesign rotary ring so it can be operated by feel.
  • Turning the ring to a new setting should turn the light off. Or at least it should stay off if the light was off before turning the ring.
  • Replace main emitter with SFT-40 5000K neutral white.
  • Make tailcap magnet removable.

Overall, I’m fairly impressed with this light. Good job Sofirn! Time for Sofirn to make a 14500 version that’s more pocketable.

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I received my IF24 today and I love most things about it. I agree with most others that when using the rotary switch it would be nice for it to just glow very dim to show what you have selected and then default to turning off after a second. This would let us know what setting is on and help preserve night vision and not blind everyone.

My only other complaint is I think the magnet should be stronger. When attaching it to a fridge or painted steel the light is heavy enough that is slides down and doesn’t stay in place. One place I’d like to use the light is in the kitchen and shed where it would be perfect to angle with it stuck to the fridge. Maybe the next model can have a slightly bigger magnet.

Other then that this light is great! I like the changing color options. Some lights are meant for all business and I don’t like to always live that way. This is a fun and convenient light. I’m glad it has this rotary switch. I’m terrible at remembering button pressing patterns and mess it up often when I haven’t used a light in a while. This makes it simple, nice, and fun.

I see the IF24 Pro is out now.

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@Sofirn @Barry0892 now that the IF24 pro version is out, will you give us BLF folks a coupon code?

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Looks great, last question before ordering - how does the power button / roto switch work? Is it still that it remembers the on/off status for each mode? Or do You power it on by the button globally and the rotating switch only changes mode (no chance for it to power up when rotating)?

Great question. Rotating the switch will automatically turn on whatever mode you go to.

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