Group buy: 32mm copper 2mm thick SinkPad boards

SinkPad have sent me the numbers in regard to having a bunch of 32mm, 2mm thick copper boards produced (using Sinkpad tech / direct LED to copper core bonding). This thread is intended to be used to gauge interest and see if enough people are interested in buying them to have them made.
There are a couple of other complications such as shipping and the fact that an order requires about $2400 up front which we wont worry about yet.

These boards are intended to be the same dimensions as those used in XML throwers such as the Trustfire X9 and the STL-V2 / STL-V6 / SN6X-2 among others. The image below is roughly what the quote is based on (big thanks to PilotPTK) but there are a couple of very minor things that will be changed (screw hole diameter and placement) which I somehow neglected to notice.

Shape: round
Diameter: 32mm
Thickness: 2mm
Footprint: XM-L/XM-L2/ /
Core material: copper
Thermal conductivity: ~385 W/m.k (normal MCPCBs are ~4 W/m.k), thermal conductivity of the type of solder used will be the limiting factor.

Prices (per board):

4 weeks lead time
180 units: $11.70
500 units: $4.90

6 weeks lead time
180 units: $11.40
500 units: $4.65

Please list the number you would be interested in at each price point and what LED type you are interested in (the quote is for XML but I will ask SinkPad about XPG/E etc… if there is enough interest to put an order through).

Reserved for tally and names of those interested

Those interested:
Myself: 5 if 180 ordered, 10 if 500 ordered
Tom E: 2, 2
scaru: 1, 2

order of 180: 8
order of 500: 14

2 XML's at either qty.

180: 1

500: 2

Sorry I can't be of more help. ;)

If you are going to do a 32mm board, put more than one LED pad on it. Your market will be much bigger (and brighter).

That’s the same thing I said! :slight_smile:


If so ill grab some

Now we’re cookin’ right proper…

And it would appear you were right PilotPTK.

I wonder what the ideal dimensions for placement of the XML footprints are: I guess the further apart the better? Triple (4 total) or quad XML footprints?

Space them so some standard optics (like TIRs) fit.

To be honest I don’t think we are going to get anywhere near the number needed to fill an order, especially now that the 20mm boards can be had for 1/4 the price and there are 16mm boards on the horizon.

I guess the easy way to make a 32mm board would be some 0.5mm copper sheet cut to the right size with a 20mm board soldered in place… add a few more layers on top and you should end up with something nearly as good as anything SinkPad can offer and allot cheaper.

Wow! +1 !! I'll look at doing that on my X9 clone coming from WallBuys, from the xmas deal, any day now....

I have ordered 40 pcs of 20mm x 20mm x 0.8mm copper heatsinks (the ones used in CPUs ) from AliExpress and my plan was to do a similar mod. I’m doing it on my T08 (25mm MPCB needed) because I don’t have a need for bigger MPCBs yet. :slight_smile:

PPtk, how about a PCB with 32mm OD and 20mm ID for 20mm emitter and 32/16 for 16mm emitter?

I don't understand what you mean by that.

It’s like a washer for oil filter plug. A PCB with 32mm outside diameter and 20mm inside diameter. You can then place the 20mm emitter inside the pcb. Best is to use copper. :beer:

Nope. I’m thinking of a 32mm to 20mm sinkpad adapter. A donut shape.
I’m using a tablet so it’s hard to draw. :slight_smile:

Ok one more try. It’s like a tire and a rim. Adapter is the tire and rim is the sinkpad. :beer:

Yes on top of the pill around the MCPCB. Nothing on under. :beer:

I think I have found a solution… don’t have the parts to try it out but here it is non the less: