Group Buy-BLF X6-SE OP update-GB over.

Not yet…but I’m working on it.



Moreso because of krono’s negotiations. This is more and more really becoming a “BLFish” light, with the higher current, and potential AR lens, copper pill, AND maybe even a BLF logo ;)!!

One way or another…

In for one

One more to add

The cheap copper stars commonly used now do pretty good at 3 - 3.5A shown here: No, no such thing as chinese copper (brass) MCPCB's - never seen or heard of one at least...

Im in for one in NW. Would love to have BLF logo too. And with a non-glued head if possible.

I hope to one day see the 3 flashlights pictured on top of the main page of BLF changed to show these various BLF edition flashlights. Not sure how many BLF edition flashlights exist out there. I can only think of the Starry Light SA-22.

It’d be nice if they could throw in a free lanyard. I like lanyards on my lights (Nitecore/Jetbeam lanyards are the best - don’t like Sunwayman where they put a metal clip on theirs). Also, the X6 does the lanyard hole correct with two holes to thread your lanyard in one and out the other.

Sorry for the BG pic/advertisement, but it showed what I wanted.

Well guys I got more bad news about my light!

The switch PCB took a shit on me while I was underground last night, thankfully the true flashaholic in me prevents me from going ANWHERE with just one light so I wasn’t screwed (I was about 300m from the tunnel end and 200m from the entrance when it happened).

It turns out the trace on the switch board that goes from the center spring pad to the edge where it goes in one side of the switch burned up. The light is running about 5.8-6.3A (it runs at 6.3 on a full battery but by this time the light had been on around 20 minutes with a 1500mAh high drain cell so it was, I’m guessing, less than full power).

It took me a while to find this problem

This is the burned trace, I never took the switch off, just braided the spring after I saw it was am omten stock

This is the bottom of the switch, the damage appears to be 100% caused by the trace and not the switch but it did melt the switch’s body some

And the trace inder magnification (this is all damage it did to its self, I didn’t run a tool over it/widen it in any way, this is all damage from the burn)

The o-ring issue is something anyone can easily solve in 3 minutes, this is more indepth and I’d hope something could be done about this even if it meant leaving the o-ring in its current setup.

Dale your the other guy running as much current as me, any problems on your end? I went ahead and repaired this board instead of swapping it out by using stripe of copper and rebuilding the trace as well as beefing up the other side.

I’ve had the same thing happen before, but so far so good on this one. Of course, I don’t run mine like you run yours as I’m not using mine “otj”

Thanks for that head’s up, I’ll now go in and reinforce the trace…

Edit: I should point out that this isn’t a failure of the light…it was never designed to take this kind of abuse. Most of these lights come stock at about 30% of the power level that did this, so they perform well within their intended design and even hold up to some fair amount of abuse, but of course we here at BLF can exploit every weakness in a light and find out just exactly what it takes to enable the Nitrous and Turbo to play nicely with the Supercharger. :slight_smile:

thanks for the heads up CK. I don’t think i will run mine as hot but it is good to have boundaries drawn out on semi-stock switch.

The stock x6 comes with a lanyard better than the one pictured. It has the adjustable loop size feature and a stronger attachment loop.

The tailcap has 2 pairs of 2 lanyard holes in the tailcap.

You can expect all kinds of these failures when you mod and run lights well beyond design limits.

I simply drilled a hole beside the outline of the switch, ran a 22ga silicone wire through the hole and soldered one end to the spring, the other end to the switch where the trace is. So now current runs through a 22ga wire instead of/in addition to that thin trace.


Oh, that’s good it has a lanyard. I didn’t notice any mention of one, so I thought I’d throw out for a request. Maybe we can just confirm on the lanyard? Krono?

Mine came with a nice lanyard, quick release buckle and slider to lock it on the wrist…2 extra o-rings and an extra green rubber clicky button. And of course, the pocket clip.

Let me get 2 if I can!!

1 with cw and 1 with nw

Wide mode spacing will be nice!


Im in all the way!!!

please remove me from this list

I am done dealing with overseas dealers for good.

Especially at the price! And the ano is very nice, flawless, matching, excellent small light…rivaling the MAXToch SN6X-2X finish or the Solarforce S2200.

Seriously, the one I have made me want 2 more. :wink:

Can’t hardly wait! Glad to be roll’n the deal dice. Feeling good about this GB, even if we gotta pay a few more bucks to get what we want.