✅【 GROUP BUY 】Convoy 3X21A 3*SFT40/SST40 6800LM 3*21700 Flashlight ✺


Interested in SFT40 version.

Is this the same host as 4x18650 sbt90
2? Looks the same.


interested SFT40

Is this the same physical size as the 4x18 SBT90.2?


4X18A (3X21A)

Head diameter 69mm (69mm)

Battery tube diameter 50mm (51.8mm)

Flashlight length 153mm (158.4mm)

Product weight 458g (569g)

Is the SFT40 available, seems sold out.


Why the big attraction to the SFT40 when it only comes in cool white?

Interested in SFT40

The offer is active

Thx Fin17, I purchased the SFT40 version and received the light.

I did a run into an issue though:

The early run of these lights had an adapter plate issue for flat tops, it’s documented by simon on aliexpress for the 3X21A

I’m currently working with BG to resolve this issue and hoping to get a replacement adapter. I had to make a video for proof, so might as well share it here. They have been responsive.

https://youtu.be/kSw5mKgkO64 plate defect video

The light does run on 1-3 batteries, but I only recommend this for testing.

I do like the light, it has a very nice finish, and seems to have good throw. I can’t wait to test this light when it’s fully functional.

I’m interested if the deal still active, thanks!

It's a good consistent beam, not excessively blue like the early SST-40 6500K's were.

Plus it throws! Better or as good as a good clean de-domed SST-40, and actually can take higher amps and a step up in lumens. Actually it's lumens output is better than a SST-40 stock, domed when driven hard.

Note: my 3X21A w/SFT-40's was delivered today, ordered June 23rd, will be checking it out this evening.

I was too early for this thread...


“Interested” (singing)

Posted some first impressions here for the SFT-40 model: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/67266

Interested (SFT40)


Interested in SFT40 version.