Group Buy. Convoy S2+ Cree XPG3 Closed.

Me too

Got mine today! Surprised how cool the beam looks. Compared to a 3A XP-L hi, it looks to be cool white. The corona coming off the hotspot looks to be pretty neutral but the hotspot itself has a cool white look to it. Will compare to some other lights when I get home from work. Hard to compare things here without my office mates thinking I’m crazy.

Light itself feels solid and easily got into my preferred mode configuration.

Edit: Played around with it some more. At lower levels the hotspot and spill are pretty cool, but at the top 2 levels in 6 level config, the tint matches my 3A XP-L Hi pretty much exactly.

Great work, again, Matt! Best of luck with your sale!!!

received my light today, a 3A. It’s really nice. Braided springs. Nice smooth threads. And the Efest 18350 cell is a perfect fit, almost a vacuum fit. Only unusual thing for me was the tint. It has a yellow tint. Nice white hotspot, then a yellow spill, then more white beyond that. Never seen that before. And yes, it gets HOT fast! I’ll have to set the turbo timer.

I’ll wait for others to receive theirs and comment on the tint. Interested in what they say.

edit: meant to add that the beacon mode flashes while the emitter remains on in a low mode. Just things I wasn’t familiar with. No knock on this light as it is a beauty.

Purchased 1 3A with AR no clips as I have plenty of them already.

I had the same reaction when I tried a XP-G3 3A in a recent Convoy S6 build. “That’s a 3A? Looks a lot different than my 3B/3D XP-L HI’s.” More of a cool white hotspot with a warm corona.

I might try it again in another build, but I ended up swapping it out for an XP-G2. :frowning:

Edit: not to detract from this light, it looks like an excellent build, VOB! And to be fair, I used a smooth reflector which probably didn’t help with the beam blending.

Just received mine and am very impressed. Outstanding, great cool white output, easily configged the guppy2drv to what I wanted. Nice job VOB!

I’m on the road, got this waiting at home. Cannot wait to burn my fingers!

that it will do, and it won’t take long at all!

Got mine same description as saypats….im digging it…

Do you guys know if Efest 5200ma flat top cells will make contact with each other end to end without use of a magnet etc?

Bumping this good deal to the top

I have to say it again……im digging this light!!

Just got my light and WOW!!. Makes my convoy S2+ 18650s look weak! I am impressed with this light! Now I want an S8 from here. Hint,hint. How about a BLF deal? Thanks

That is the reaction we all of us that built DD Triples had. The best thing is that they do not cease to amaze when you are showing people. Back then many of us had $60+ in parts but even at that price it was worth it. That is why I and many others say this is one hell of a deal. ;)

Yeah, it’s bad! Nice flood with some throw. Wow holy hotness!

Ordered a base unit a couple weeks ago, can’t wait to get my hand on it.

I have placed my order for the next batch of bodies so they should be here in a week.

Thanks for the update, vob.

Thanks for the update. Excited about getting mine. :slight_smile: