Group Buy etiquette

I searched for this topic and couldn’t find much.
Is it proper to buy lights for non-BLF members such as friends or family lights from GB or special discounts??
I was talking about an upcoming BLF light and a co-worker asked me to buy him one. I agreed but later felt funny about it.
One on hand most GB are looking for additional sales so they could reach a larger number or meet the minimum. One the other hand does this amount to a straw buy and harmful to BLF?

Am I being overly protective here? I sure would like to hear your opinions about this.

It would depend on numbers and demand I would think, along with a few other things probably.

But most GBs have people buying more than one, the BLF X6 for example had people buying 3 or more. And in the end, there were people who thought they might miss out as they waited until the very end (until another batch was proposed). I bought 2 from it, one as a gift, I cant recall how many it sold overall but was well in excess of 500. I bought two X40s from the limited run of that GB too. IIRC there was 3 left over from the allocated number (?40?), it was offered to members that had as yet not bought one, but I was first in line if no takers. Couple of days after buying the 2nd there were a couple of people posting that were disappointed they missed the offer.

Its hard to say, common sense, and follow the rules of the GB in question, there should be no issues.

Especially with the custom “BLF Edition” lights, the organizers usually want as many lights to be spoken for as possible. Larger quantities brings the price down for everyone. The only problem I can see is if you sign up for one light, then actually order ten so there isn’t enough left for everyone else who signed up. I think the X6 groupbuy ended up close to 1000 lights, and several people bought way more than 5 to re-sell or give away.

It isn’t like using your employee discount for a friend. Nothing to feel bad about here. :beer:

Perfectly fine to buy as many as you want and have reserved, selling more can lower the price and the vendors make more money which makes them happy and will encourage them to undertake more GB’s. Only exception would be when there is a limited number of lights available such as was the case with the K50. O-L limited it to one light per member.

This is how I see it too. Fine to sign up for as many as you will buy as long as it’s not limited stock.

Reserve as many as you want. As long as you don’t overbuy when they are actually available…I don’t see a problem.