Group Buy for Sunwayman F40A XM-L2 tri-colored light (4 AA batteries) is now active!

Hi All, since the success of group buy of Sunwayman D40A ( it’s a great light isn’t it? )
Why not arrange group buy on the new Sunwayman F40A the updated version of D40A?

EDIT the group buy on this Sunwayman is now active! the price will be $55.99 with coupon code BGF40A


Information on the Sunwayman F40A


Emitter Brand/Type: Cree XM-L2
Material: Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
Max Output: 880 lm
Maximum Range: About 230meter
Glass lens: Ultra-clear tempered glass lens
Brightness: Turbo—–880lumen(Automatically lower to High mode after 3 mins continuous use)
High—- 500lumen(1.6hrs.)
Firefly Mode: 1 Lumen (450hrs.)
Red Light: 28 Lumens (11hrs.)
Blue Light: 20 Lumens (15hrs.)

Battery Configurations: 4x AA batteries ( not include batteries)
Mode: Turbo/High/Mid/Low/Strobe/SOS
Working voltage: 2.8~6V
Switch: Dual-button Side Switch on the head
Intensity: 13200cd
Waterproof: IPX-8
Weight: 181g(net weight)
Size: 41mm(head)× 108mm(Length)× 39mm(tail)

1.CREE XM-L2 LED, with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours;Each 6pcs Red/Blue LEDs.
2.Constant current circuit, constant output
3.Electronic reverse battery protection
4.Optimized deep metal reflector maintains great throw distance and spread with an ideal beam pattern
5.Military Specification Type III- hard anodized
6.Ultra-clear tempered glass lens resists scratches and impacts
7.Tail stand capable- can be used as a candle
8.Lower button controls on and off, the upper one for different output modes, two buttons perfectly deliver varied output modes and different color light choice, brand-new experience.

Package included:
1 x SUNWAYMAN F40A Flashlight
1x Lanyard
1 x O-ring
1 x Diffuser

Yes indeed spring is Group buy season… lol :smiley:

1) Pacbough for 1
2) optntdr13 for 1
3) jmpaul320 ( maybe)
4) ohaya
5) Livinloud

I'll delete my comment so yours will be first reply.

Still in for one.


Thanks… you’re the man! :beer: :beer:

Man these groupbuys are crazy, i haven’t even recieved my d40a… :smiley:

put me down for maybe please -depends on my cash flow :slight_smile:

I still remember back when I still have to pay for “normal price” for Nitecore EA4
and now this light which IMO is better than Nitecore EA4 is selling even at cheaper price :bigsmile:

nowadays, if you want a new cool lights… just wait for group buy! :bigsmile:

I missed (or more accurately, “sat on too long”) the D40A deal, so depending on price, I’d be in for one.

I have one sitting at home waiting to be reviewed. If its good I might grab another

I have both lights… even though the new F40A is more floodier than D40A due to shorter reflector, but it still throw quiet nicely… and not to mention having red and blue lights is a plus too :wink:
the “police” strobe definitely an attention getter :bigsmile:

I’m just surprised not too many BLF find this a great deal as much as D40A as IMO this F40A is even better than D40A especially for a price just a little bit higher than D40A… about the same price of happy meal at MC Donald :bigsmile:

I think this is a great light, but would not consider it and update to the D40A.
D40A is a throwy light, sort of a compact search light. F40A seems more of a general purpose light with coloured leds for things that need coloured light for (I don’t know any, but there sure are some tasks where this is useful).

hmm… not many interested with this group buy on Sunwayman F40A at the price slightly higher than SunWayman D40A? :~

The problem for me is that I know the novelty of the red/blue LEDs will quickly wear off and then I’ll just go back to using some other light instead, like the D40A. In other words, it’s destined to become a shelf queen.

Not that I mind shelf queens. I bet most of us flashlight enthusiasts have at least a couple. But the price of this one would have to come down a little further for me to consider it, and I doubt it will.

actually it came down a lot if we can just get 20 people on board and then they will release the coupon code to bring it down much cheaper than you can get elsewhere :wink:

I mean cheaper than the price you hinted at. I know what that price is because I got in on the BG D40A deal :wink: I realize that the F40A has a feature set that probably justifies its slightly higher price, but in some ways it’s a rung below the D40A too.

new light cheaper than the old one? it will be unheard of, but of course with time any lights will come down in price, just like SRK now. but the again… you might want have to wait for 2 years and by then there’s going to be a new light with new LEDs :smiley:

When is the deadline for this group buy?

No deadline… the group buy it is now active! $58 with the coupon code BGF40A


I assume the GB is with Banggood?