Group Buy for the GearBest Ultrafire F13 - Closed?

:smiley: nice one OL. It’s not that i blame GB or anyone really, I am sure they shipped but I think that a lot of online stores use freight forwarders in China and that overcomplicates the whole process. It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 calendar days from them to anyone.
And I know this light is a light worth waiting for :love:

I trust that by the time mine arrives, everyone will have tried all the various possibilities for improving on it and posted them. No rush about that.

Got my 2 today, after 33 days from order. One came with a 3 AA carrier - weird, the other one came with two 18650 adapters - again weird. Free extra parts I guess.

Lucky you… esp. with the 3AA carrier!!

Need a 3AA and don't want to wait for it to get here from china. Hit a local store and look for 3AA lights on clearance. Something like this:

all of mine came with an extra 18650 sleeve, no holders.

My two arrived in the same envelope: one had an extra 18650 sleeve and the other had nothing IIRC. I could be wrong - I either ended up with 2 lights and 2 sleeves or 2 lights and 3 sleeves - I’m certain that I did not get short changed.

Mine was the same, 2 lights in one envelope with a total of three sleeves

Haha. I know the feeling…

It’s almost a month now and i don’t even know if my F13 had already left China. :frowning:

Yes - I got 2 lights, 3 sleeves, 1 AAA carrier/holder.

Stock light had no thermal grease or epoxy under the star - very bad!

Ok - my stock measurements:

SONY 26650: 2.0A tail, lumens: 493 @start, 442 @30 secs (notice the big drop off - no thermal grease)

Of course I had to start modding right away... Frown Actually went pretty quick, for me that is, but I don't consider this a classic "full mod"...


  • moved LED+ wire to before the resistors
  • 22 AWG silicone wire added inside + spring
  • 22 AWG silicone for LED wires, shortened to min length
  • XM-L2 U2 2C on 20mm Noctigon, sanded on backside, added GC Extreme under the star
  • used NO-OX-ID on driver contacts, retainer ring threads, body thread
  • Notes: left plastic centering ring as is, stock lens, no tailcap spring jumper


SONY 26650: 3.0A tail, lumens: 748 @start, 745 @30 secs -- nice tint!!

Notice how the output really held well? Nice direct thermal path MCPCB, nice thermal grease!

If jumping the battery neg. to the body, I measured 833 lumens @start, so, the tail spring has got to be wired!! Big loss's from the spring. I've seen this exact effect soooo many times...

More Mods:

  • 22 AWG silicone wire added inside tail - spring
  • sanded down top of LED alignment piece from 2.68mm to 2.56mm, took a little off the inside as well

More Results:

tail spring wire - lumens: 816 - 792 (still SONY)

alignment piece - lumens: 830 - 799 (still SONY) -- SONY is done to 4.06v, 2.93A now

Various battery tests:

Powerizer: 3.23A (4.18v), lumens: 915 - 884

KK 4200: 3.08A (4.18v)

LG HE2: 3.35A (4.21v), lumens: 915 - 881

Efest 35A: 3.30A (4.20v)

MNKE IMR 26650: 2.66A (4.20v)

Not sure if it will be better and make shipments faster, but is it better for orders from EU be shipped using European postal carriers, orders from Asia use Asian postal carriers, etc.?

I got 3 lights, 4 sleeves, 2 AAA carrier/holders, and 1 lanyard.

Tom E. Are you happy with the light after your mods?

where do you guys get your Noctigons? All the mods mention them. Do you reflow leds on them or buy them with leds?

Yes - tint and beam pattern is nice, brightness is pretty good, but I do hate 5 mode drivers... On this one, the "next mode" timeout is like 8 secs or so, so not bad. The other one seems to be about the same timeout. I have a Paisen light I never got around to modding - it's the same exact look/style, but has a removable pill instead, but it's driver never seems to timeout next mode memory. Been debating - got to look at 22 mm adapter options, or go with the 22 mm BLF DD driver - of course it takes like a month to get the OSHPark boards though...

For this style light, this one looks the most interesting to me: SupFire L5. It's slightly shorter, side switch, XM-L2, and being SupFire, the quality should be better, but a bit more money though.

Note: Just ordered qty 3 of the BLF22DD boards...

I still buy mostly from Hank at IOS, but also have bought from RMM. Hard to find good sources for bare LED's in terms of what they list is what it is, and price.

I get mine from here:

And if you haven’t tried a quality NW setup you should. Any CW light thereafter will look devoid of colour :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Paisen from Wallbuys. A pencil mark resets it to high in about 1 sec. Very quick yet doesn't interfere with half-clicks to change modes, just perfect.

The #214 post saga continues... I replaced the stock LED centering piece with a FT butterfly style one - it fit perfect, but as I expected, the reflector was loose. So, found an o-ring that fit, added it in between the reflector and glass and that kept the reflector from rattling.

Result: nice bump in lumens, but mostly added in a newly appearing aura around the center beam, but don't think it takes anything away from the center beam - interesting effect!

Efest 35A @4.18v, 3.16A tail, lumens: 1,023 @start, 993 @30secs, throw: 27 kcd (328 meters)

Don’t waste your time modding this cheap light with BLF DD driver…although it’s bright enough but better yet save the driver for other host such as HD2010 or T08, the small reflector just doesn’t give enough throw nor flood…even resistor mod L4 out throw this light with BLF DD driver :Sp