Group Buy for the GearBest Ultrafire F13 - Closed?

Make sure you’re using thick/short leads. That’s typically the key. DMM quality doesn’t have much to do with it.

got my f13 yesterday, have not had a chance to tear it down yet.

I'm not sure if its been reported but the last five I received on inspection had XML-2 leds. They also had XML-2 on the battery tube in place of the XML-T6. On a very quick test light output is similar so they must be a very low bin. When I have time I will look into it further.

Mine arrived a couple days ago. It also has an XM-L2 emitter, but the battery tube still says XM-L T6.

Hi .
I am willing to give 3A to my F13( with the OUT +1 trick ) but i cant have access to the driver and i would like some help ( im a noob ) .

Do i have to push hard 2 or 1 ? Is it ok to push it with a hammer+a screwdriver or a hammer+a spanner wrench, or should i buy something like this : to open it ? ( i have read someone did it with it )

I recommend using sturdy tweezers to turn the ring.

Thanx for the information, i will try .

Don’t forget to wrap the tweezer handle with a thick cloth. Will make it easier to turn.

Mine was a pain to get the driver ring loose, I ended having to hook a flat tip screwdriver into one of the holes on the ring and really hork down on trying to spin it, once it popped loose it is easy to take in and out

Fairly easy with needle-nose pliers from Harbor Freight. I bought a bunch when they were on sale for $1.29.

Naturally you have to pick through the bin at the store, some are ground finer than others, some are rounder some are squarer.

No horking required.

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But you wouldn't enjoy it as much if it was required.

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It just unscrews. You’ll need something to put into the dimples. Some people use tweezers, but circlip pliers work just as well.

The retaining ring on these F13’s is glued or torqued very tight, so undoing it first time is difficult, but just needs some elbow grease.