group buy interest thread for modded C8 XM-L2 with BLF logo Going with Fast Tech and starting a new thread.

I’m in for at least 1, probably 2 or 3.

Thanks, I’ll find out if they will ship individual orders. And the special listing is a good idea.

Thanks for doing this 18sixfifty. I hope this takes off, but I can see difficulties making everyone happy with all the variables. I would be interested in the BLF logo host for sure, specially if it's a true "standard" C8 pill, but those seem hard to come by lately.

He is supposed to be sending me pictures with it broken down soon.

He got back to me with the driver question.

There are three modes available.

single mode
high low strobe
high medium low strobe sos.

This driver could be the way to go: - nice modes, direct drive turbo, 7135 controlled lower modes. I got the parts in, just waiting for the PCB boards to arrive, then got a bit of work to do to test a couple of them. tivo532 looks like he did a great job with them. Boy, if we could get a production run done at a reasonable cost, might be interesting for this light. Someone would still have to do a thorough test/review of them first though and cost would be a big factor for sure.

That would be sweet. A true direct drive with low resistance and good low would be perfect. If this guy doesn’t have the best host around then I’ll shop it until I find someone who does. It would be nice to have a BLF C8 with this driver and a really good host too. If I have to I’ll go on Alibaba and deal with someone direct.

I like this host: fasttech-ultrafire-c8-cree-q5, true big SS bezel, but comes with junk emitter and driver, and the ones I got were not a true standard C8 pill. The reflector is the better throwy XR-E one for C8's though, out-performing any other C8 SMO I've seen/had, but of course not the best for total lumens.

Not sure if the majority would be into SS bezels though.

i got my tivo boards/parts in and those small parts are a B to solder

Nice host we will have to see what people think. I’m a big fan of throw but I live where there are tons of open places.

I really like the idea of using that driver, a production run on that would be very nice. If we can do these up nice with that driver and get a deal on sinkpads too it would be perfect. That host would actually be great for XP-G2’s and they are cheap, the sinkpads are usually cheaper as well. De-domed XP-G2’s would make it into one heck of a pocket thrower. That is actually my idea of a perfect C8 although I’m sure other’s wouldn’t agree and would want their’s different.

Wait what? Some mods? From experienced modders? BLF markings to boot.

Im probably in for 1. Decent driver, pulling some good amps would make it worth it. I would have thought with BLF on it, there would be an expectation it would do at least one thing extremely well, brightness, throw for size, spill, run time even. I would be more interested in something that had a reason beyond simply ‘BLF’. In other words dont want it delivered from aliexpress/baba, Im happy to pay postage from the US. Its not squillions is it?,

It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and I’m happy to mod it. I think if we can nail down a really good driver then it should be worth it for everyone.

The Fasttech Ultrafire C8 host has a smooth reflector and the 'standard' C8 pill

I’m in for one regardless of how it goes. I like 18sixfifty and I appreciate the effort. Make it a hot-rod throw monster if possible.


I contacted them just now for prices on this one and the convoy host. I also ask them about labeling and let them know I might be needing a large amount of emitters and possibly drivers as well. On top of that I asked if they can do individual shipping to members who want to save the money and put them together themselves.

Thanks and I can definitely do that for you.

I doubt it very much that they will ship it individually for that price, and I haven’t seen any C8 with the hole in the middle yet :stuck_out_tongue:
but for that price a C8 with XM-L2? count me for at least 2… I could always use them for gifts to non of flasholic, usually it’s always bring smile to their face :smiley:

Just to pollute this thread a bit more (sorry 18sixfifty):

I see now that Fasttech has the Ultrafire C10 host, also cheap. Old threads say that the C10 has a deeper reflector and a bit better throw. It seems to have the standard C8 pill as well. And I like the design a bit better over the C8 (although the C12 is even better). Any experiences anyone?

*rubs hands together. Noice.
C8, 10, 12, so long as it fits in the pocket IMO.

Ive done all I can contribute, except purchasing one. I would be helping most by not helping any further.

Thanks a lot for polluting my thread!! |( Just kidding, that’s what it’s for to shoot idea’s around and come up with the best bang for our buck.

If we do decide to go with a pocket thrower that might be a good one. De-domed XP-G2 on a sinkpad with a rockin driver would be excellent in my opinion.

I didn’t want this to be just an average light which was why I suggested modding them.