Group buy LIVE: NligtD L1 LEP flashlight: the updated Acebeam W30!


Specs are in the OP. Its design, fit and finish is supposed to be better than Amutorch, Maxtoch, and probably even Lumintop, and budget LEPs.
Doesn't have a Strobe like some of the cheap ones. Comes with a 21700 battery.

For the rest, it's supposed to throw pretty good, and likely one of the best quality/performing big-head LEP below $200 if everything is like it is told me.

It's currently on the way to me for testing, so I can tell more in 1-2 weeks

Does anyone know what class laser this light uses,so it’s ‘legal’ to ship to Canada?Thanks,HB

Might be interested. Really depends on price. I know LEPs are still kinda new. Although the prices on them do seem crazy compared to LED lights. And I can’t believe the actual components really cost any more. Which component specifically makes them so expensive? If this was an LED light, it’d probably be a $40-60 light. But somehow a little lazer is adding $100-150 to the price.

I don't know the laser class, unfortunately. The manual also doesn't mention anything.

As for the price, it's likely close to 200.

I don't think it's just the components, it's also the research, testing and finetuning of the specific convex lens, shape, angle, distance, driver etc. And I don't think this could ever be a $40-$60 light, just knowing that many of the same quality LED flashlights cost over $100, with much cheaper components. I can see why some budget LEPs could cost that much, but that's probably for like 1-2 years down the road. And those would probably just be the shine through modules, which seem to be cheaper, or easier to make.

According to Neal bad history there think twice.

btw. I asked him about the laser Class.. hopefully I hear from him soon

It is the laser that adds to the price. They aren’t cheap.

Honestly I don’t know nor the specifics of the laser required. Although I have a couple of lasers and they really weren’t very expensive to buy. So I still struggle to truly comprehend the price.

I can buy a CD burner drive pretty cheap and they have what I’d assume is a fairly specialist laser in them.

Not knocking the product here. Truly I’d love to be “in” on a group purchase. But £200/$200 is way out of my league for a torch.

When I look at the price of a nice Noctigon or Astrolux light. I’m intrigued to know why the LEPs cost what they do.

It’s not as if the likes of Neal are pioneering the technology and R&D. They are just selecting components that already exist and assembling them into a sellable product. I suspect designing and machining the host adds cost, but again this is true for any LED light too.

Anyhow, I don’t want to derail the thread any further. But I will keep a keen eye on progress. As said, I’d love to buy a LEP.



Im Out.

I am allowed to share this.
The NlightD L1 is basically an upgraded Acebeam W30, produced by Acebeam for Nealsgadgets.

When the review is ready, you'll be able to see the similarities.

Class of laser? Huck

There's no Laser Class..... (to sum it up)

Please add my name to the list.

There is no laser classification applicable because only phosphor converted white visible spectrum light is emitted from the device. No laser related legality/restriction issues.

A unique feature of this light is superior water resistance. It is actually DIVE RATED to 30 meters depth, just like the Acebeam W30. The sheer fun factor of running a LEP under water pegs the meter scale high. Something absolutely not recommended for most light designs.

I had an Acebeam W30 and was forced to sell it in a financial crisis and absolutely loved it. A year later I recovered and tried to buy another to replace it only to be heartbroken by a discontinued status. This is an replica of that outstanding design for half the W30's retail price. While not cheap, it's a great value considering its higher end performance.



Thank you kind sir!

Approximately how long until we might be able to purchase the light from Neal at the GB price?

Excellent job on the 1Lumen review. Thanks!


Been gone a while…. But this has brought me back! SIGN ME up!