Group buy started: Panasonic 18650 3400mAh NCR18650B (unprotected) $12.80 + free shipping /w tracking @ WallBuys

Here is link for details. I bet soon we will see unprotected pannies on sale. They just need 50 people to make successful group buy. This looks like better deal than FT have.

It’s started.

I’m in :slight_smile:

I would be but just won a pair for $6.69 @ WB.

I already ordered 3 pair from the protected GB. I would have preferred this one, but didn’t know at the time.


Note that these are FLAT TOPS. I thought that most everyone here preferred the button tops? I know that I do/would.

Yeah. It would be cool if it were button tops. But still these are better than those offered by Fasttech.

button tops and im in for at least one pair, if not two or three

Go get the protected cell if you want a button top, or better yet, go start another group buy instead of mucking up this one too. I want the shortest version of this battery possible. Flat top.

Button tops are good if you have the space. I’ll convert my protected 3400s into unprotected 3400s and try to keep the button top, if it’s installed good.

Thanks but that GB ended :Sp

Also afaik its not your GB and the majority of people on CPF said button tops as well :glasses:

EDIT: BTW dont need flat tops……have 10 snayo flat tops and i prefer those for my lasers but would like some button tops for my flashlights since those seem to be picky about batteries, unlike lasers

Yeah, because you guys screwed that one up. It was a flat top group buy. All done and settled, then y'all screwed it up, and it didn't happen anyway.

It's not your group buy either since you're not interested in these, so go away and start a group buy for what you want.

The WB GB did happen, sorry FT wanted to get their panties in a bunch and cancel theirs. Your confusing your GBs buddy :wink:

BTW if they dont get 50 people to “take” the flat tops then this wont happen either. so far your the only one who said they wanted flats and there are at least 15 button tops spoken for so IMO they will change to button tops. if you want flats then go bu them somewhere else, WB started the protected GB as flats and changed to buttons since thats what people wanted and i have no doubt they will do it again with this GB. just saying

Stop being an asshole. This group buy is already set up. You shouldn't even come in here if it's not what you want. As you know, this is the second simultaneous WB group buy. There's nothing stopping you from getting a third WB group buy started if you want. If this group buy does or doesn't succeed, that's wholly up to those of us that want flat tops, and it wouldn't take away from whatever group buy you set up.

Not being an A-Hole at all, just telling it like it is…….the other GB was for buttons and they hit 50 within 12 hours, then sold over 150 pairs. what makes you think that they wont switch to buttons in order to get the needed spoken for amount. hour in and your the only one grabbing a pair. I wont say a word as to not ruin or better yet “muck up” ‘your’ GB and by tomorrow it will change to buttons. BTW its not simultaneous since the other GB ended yesterday noon EST.

Occurring, operating, or done at the same time.

Also, no one set either of these GBs up……WB did it on their own so no point in me setting up one. dont have the time nor care to do so since id just wait two months and get them for free. Would rather pay for them and get them now than wait two months and get them free.

Its also not set up. its a feeler, hence why they need 50 pairs spoken for

I’ll take a pair of button tops.

I have 2 of these, I think the only negative about them is more of their capacity is below 3V than most other cells and the voltage curve drops off more, so to get the full advantage of their high capacity you need to be using them in a device that doesnt cut off at too high a voltage. Otherwise you may as well go for the 2900mAh ones.

what, you guys are messed up, this group buy is clearly stated for flat top non-protected, so it’s either take it or leave it. +1 with leaftye.

Yeah I think some posts should be deleted.

These are great choice for the Fire Foxes FFIV

They have started this GB. :slight_smile:

Where? give me!!