Groupbuy for UNI-T UT210e clamp meter for tailcap current readings

Just noticed this thread…Is code still available ?

Hmm. So I finally made a little loop of copper wire. I tightly wound 4 strands of 14awg solid copper wire. The length of the loop/strand is about 4 inches and I covered the middle portion with heat shrink tube leaving maybe a quarter inch exposed on both ends.

I appear to be measuring exceptionally low. 1.9A on a 2.8A 105c driver. 2.3A on several different FET drivers with a high drain cells. Worse than my stock 22awg DMM leads.

Any thoughts? Would the heat shrink tube be interfering? 4x 14awg solid wires not sufficient? 4 inches too long of a loop?

I got mine here because it is fulfilled by Amazon and received it in a few days rather than wait a few weeks.

@unknown - mine reads a little low compared to a fluke meter (.3 amps or so). I’m using a single 14 gauge solid copper wire about 4 inches loop with small copper buttons soldered on the ends. Are you using enough pressure to fully engage the driver spring?

I turned it off and on again (lol). Seems to be working decently well now. I’m getting a maximum 2.75A on a 2.8A driver, but it seems there’s some variation in my loop. I’ll get 2.6A, turn it off, back on, zero and 2.72A.

I checked an older xpg2 triple with a partially drained 30Q… 9.75A! I believe that’s the highest I’ve measured in a flashlight.

I should have mentioned that the .3 amp difference I measure is in a fet driver. Mine reads 2.72 in a 2.8 driver as well. All in all I think a clamp meter like this one is the best budget choice for this hobby.

The Fluke meter at my work cost them over 250 bucks Canadian.

I hesitate to even post this for fear of “jinxing” it, if it is indeed true that is. :smiley: LOL

I started with ordering 1 of the UNI-T 210E, but before I hit Check Out I added one more to give my friend. When I did that it gave me the Free Shipping option thru ‘Priority Direct Mail’… whatever that is. :slight_smile:

Well according to the order status, from time of order until the time it shipped was 6 hours 3 minutes 6 seconds.
I was pleasantly shocked to say the least……………

Now I realize the carrier still has to receive it and it is many miles to South West Alabama… but IF things keep going this way I’ll be a happy camper. :wink:

1 -Order Submitted-Apr/06/2016 22:19:34<> 2 -Payment Confirmed-Apr/06/2016 22:19:34<>
3 -Order Processing-Apr/06/2016 22:19:36<> 4 -Shipped-Apr/07/2016 04:22:42<>6:03:06
EDIT 17 April 2016 / 2210 hrs

Never mind, this was just wishful thinking……… :smiley:
Tracking is so confusing to me I can’t tell if it has even left China yet. LOL ….
Confucius say… “It will arrive when it arrives”. :wink:
EDIT 20 April 2016 / 1047 hrs.

Well, well…… check this out. Miracles do happen!!! :slight_smile:

2016-04-19 19:13 / FLUSHING, NY 11351 / Departed USPS Facility / Your item departed our USPS facility in FLUSHING, NY 11351 on April 19, 2016 at 7:13 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
EDIT_ 23 April 2016 / 1120 hrs.
Mine arrived today. Ordered 6 April, arrived 23 April. Sent by way of Priority Direct Mail. Not to bad at all. :slight_smile:
They were packed reasonably well and arrived damage free. Batteries were installed in both.
I have not had a chance to test them yet but they both power up.
I am pleased at this point for sure.
Thank you BangGood!
Oh yeah, the funny thing was the instructions are all in Chinese…… I guess it’s “Chinese”?
But this will fix that minor problem……

Just to be sure: did you notice that your meter starts on AC? And that you have to switch it to DC before you can measure the tailcap current? From where I’m standing, there is size wise nothing wrong with your loop. It is thicker and shorter than mine. On my clamp-meter I measure over 1 Amp more on my BLF A6 than with my DMM (with home-made leads almost as thick as my loop).

Edit: sorry, a bit slow. About your last entry, I “wiggle” the dial a tiny bit before I start measuring. I know it is kinda stupid to explain but I’m under the impression that it “sits better in the click” that way.

I forgot to update my post. I made a dumb with the first version of my loop. There wasn’t enough contact surface to ensure a solid, consistent connection. This is where most of the variance was occurring too.

Since then I sanded the ends down, soldered them together, and resanded up to 1500grit.

I then made a second loop out of 12AWG silicone wire (my old dmm leads that I really didn’t want to chop up, sentimental maybe?). Soldered both ends of the 12awg and sanded the ends flat until copper showed and went up to 1500grit.

Both loops show similar measurements so I’m happy now. The solid 14x4 is much easier to use since it’s… Well… solid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m seeing 10.55A on a 4.13v 30Q in the old xpg2 triple. 2.76A on a 2.8A driver constant and consistent.

Not perfect, but good enough for now. I may try something different down the road.

Can anyone try this to see what you get:

- grab one LiIon cell

- switch uni-t to voltage reading

- press blue buttone to switch from AC to DC

- then press gray button to zero out the displayed value

  • then try to measure cell voltage

I get “OL” as overload!

Yep, I can repeat that with mine.

If you don’t zero it (not that you would need to, reading V) it works fine.

Yes, noticed that, or if you long press Zero it will return to Auto and measure as it should.
I was pressing Zero because numbers were jumping all over the place but now I noticed that this happens only while I am moving the probes, if I stop moving them display settles to 000.0

Still waiting for my clamp meter. It will probably arrive sooner or later, but all I have is a fake tracking number that doesn’t belong to any courier or postal service.

How long have you been waiting

A couple weeks. Still earl days, but the fact that I don’t really know if there is one in the mail is a bit off putting.

Mine arrived today. Works great. Nice little case. I didn’t expect that. I was also surprised to find came with batteries installed.

I wanted to buy another one for a friend but the 210E has a different page on the shop now (the older page is still there but it says “out of stock”)… so the code is not valid :frowning: do you you know if it’s still possible to buy it for 28 USD?

it has been out of stock since June. I will ask if they intend to re-stock it. quote=fedcas]I wanted to buy another one for a friend but the 210E has a different page on the shop now (the older page is still there but it says "out of stock")... so the code is not valid :( do you you know if it's still possible to buy it for 28 USD? [/quote]


It’s already restocked actually (also the price is very similar) but the url is different so the code is not valid:

Low ohm precision current shunts are low cost: Precision Low Cost Current Shunt Resistor

Digikey has a postage shipping method that is inexpensive at least in the U.S.