GT-94 Reflector Change

I received a GT-94 light from Neal and they had put on the wrong reflector. Neal sent me the correct reflector so I am wondering before I break something does anyone here have directions or pictures of how to take the light apart to change the reflector?

Instruction were posted in one of these three threads:

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I am going to review the threads and I will edit this post if/when I find the instructions.

Edit: Ok, I found this:

It looks like a strap wrench and hold the light upside down and push the reflector up into the flashlight while carefully watching for correct alignment.

I never bothered asking Neal to send me a smooth reflector. I just simply decided I wanted another GT94 for my other hand, and my second GT94 arrived with a smooth reflector.

One is a slightly smoother beam and a tiny bit more beam width and a tiny bit less throw, and the other is a slightly less smooth beam and a tiny bit less beam width and a tiny bit more throw.

So it came with the wrong reflector? What was it and what should it be? I have the. GT4 and would like to trade or get the 94 outright!

BLF GT94 fan here. The first one that I got very early from the official group buy came with light orange peel reflector. Word came out that that was a mistake, so I ordered my second GT94, it came with a smoothish reflector, but not very super smooth. It has been reported that instruments can detect difference in lux between the light orange peel reflector and the smooth-ish reflector, but I can barely tell the difference with my eyes at moderately distant targets.

They are both really great power thrower lights. Having both of them raises a philosophical question for me: Is the beam improved a little bit if it is modded to be a little bit more throwey, or is the beam improved a little bit if it is modded to be a little bit more floody?


BLF GT94: Still rocks!

Care to sell one of your 94s?

If the GT-94 ever reaches the sub $200 range for black friday possibly, I would be in for one. Not for $600 though.