GT Nano Beamshots

Hi all,

Even though I’ve not had much time for reviews I thought I could offer up some beam shots. This keychain light really is amazing. The output just seems like a regular flashlight.

Vey nice little light. It sure does put out a lot of light for its size! That one scene reminded me of videos of the northern lights.

As usual, nice video. Very, very cute little light! 10180 mini cells have been around for years. Not a lot of runtime with them. Did the light get hot quickly?

By the way, I didn’t notice the discount code or the link to purchase.

Nice video, as usual!

Keep in mind, the output drops like crazy from 0 seconds... yes, if you blink an eye, it dropped probably 10 lumens or more :D

But still a really cool toy..... flashlight

That’s what I say, “toy” but a cool looking tiny toy. :smiley:

I don’t understand why folks want to configure it with a AAA tube that detracts from it’s tiny size and “cuteness” factor but that’s their business and that’s fine if that’s important to them.