Guess the place (the game)

Another clue:

It's in Los Angeles.

What is this building in the picture lol, church again?

It's a temple.

It's past my bedtime.

Would someone that is awake like to post a pic?

Then you'll have two places to guess for again.

The Los Angeles California Temple (formerly the Los Angeles Temple)


I give my turn to the 1st poster

Giverney. France
Monet’s garden.


Yes, well done.
I think it was looking north on Niederdorfstrasse.

Its got me beat how you guys supposedly guess where these places are. Is it a trade secret? I pass up my go.

How about this Steve ?

I'm seriously stumped. Am I going anywhere near here soon? ls it near where the girls are green and the grass is pretty?

It’s the home of the first F1 GP each year…
Some of the girls are green

I may of been to two or three so F1 races there. How dumb do I feel. I was racking my brain for somewhere near the Sunshine coast without even thinking of Melbourne. Nice effort.

Can I go again ?

Melbourne Sincrotron?

See the curve, extrapolate that. It goes for more than 20km, all the way around.