Guess the place (the game)

You're getting warmer.

The lake is in America.

Raccoon Lake?


Here's a hint:

If the lake is anywhere, it's in New Jersey.

Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th ?


Easy one.

There are six of these statues of the great racer around the world…

Wasen, Stuttgart, Germany

Yes. Stuttgart, outside the Mercedes museum.
Your turn

This one should be pretty easy...

Animal House. J)

The house is from a movie, but not that movie...

Its from the film ‘Halloween’ (1978) by John Carpenter. Nah?

You got it! :D

My turn then :slight_smile:

This was on our hiking trip early this year. Not the clearest photo though

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

You got it! :wink:

Right there I am sitting on top of Mt Amos over looking Wineglass bay and Freycinet.

The view was simply breathtaking!

Next photo...

Bryce Canyon ?