Gun light recommendations

This is what I was looking for… for less than half the price. One of the comments says its just like the Inforce WML light I listed above that I want.
Tactical White Multifunction Weapon Mounted Light For Hunting Shooting CL15-0072

May be a little larger than wanted , but an excellent weapon mountable light , that will let you see a lot further than you will ever shoot , is the Maxtoch 2X I have the GB going on now, but it ends in 2 days. The lights will still be available through Aliexpress though after the GB has ended for a slightly higher price.

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Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and info so far.

Nice setup, love the desert tan! Thanks for posting. Never considered the weight so that’s a helpful point to consider. I’m going to compare the weight of the C8 compared to the L2.

I did find another fairly recent thread on the subject that may also be relevant to anyone else with the same inquiry:

Great suggestion thanks. I have to add that one to the list of higher price options.

Allcool, welcome to the forum! Thanks for taking the time to make the detailed reply and all the great photos!

I like how you categorized the different uses/purposes for a rifle mounted flashlight:

Home Defense (close range): ………………….wide spill, flooder
Urban Assualt (close to medium range): ………wide spill, bright hot spot
Hunting (long range): ……………………………tight beam, less spill, long throw hot spot.

Great information and makes perfect sense. And to use the quick release to swap to different lights for the different uses.

I’m thinking the L2 with XPL-HI could be similar to the XT11 for around half the cost.



I was thinking this too, if we get the light mounted so the tail is positioned where the thumb/finger will naturally be when holding the hand guard it may be easy enough to operate the light with the tail switch, and the reason I’m specifing a forward switch (for momentary activation). This is the solution I’ve decided on for my Home Defense Shotgun, for all the same reasons (pressure switch issues) you mentioned.

This quote is from the description on one of the IWC LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT mounts: “you can place the tail cap … in either the 1:00 or 11:00 position on your weapon for activation by your support hand”

Your Magpul setup with the fore grip on the hand guard looks ideal for operating the light with the tail switch, as clearly seen in the last photo you posted.



As for the mount, yes there are a lot of universal quick release mounts/rings to fit picatinny rails, but I think the challenge for us is to find a way to use one with the stock hand guard and without drilling into it.

Another thing we really like on the LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT from IWC is how it positions the light cantilevered above the barrel. Too bad they don’t make a QR ring for it, but at least it looks like the ring can be removed with just one hex head bolt.

Also thanks for the Hog Hunting story, well written and an interesting read!

“Another problem with the Convoy C8 is I don’t see any option/configuration for 1-mode (off/100%)”

If you order the C8 from RMM with the guppydrv upgrade, group 7 is off - 100% - off.

Thanks for the welcome, nice forum you guys got here, glad to be part of it…!!!

Aren’t there holes to mount the rail in the colt handguards…?
Well, if you don’t want to drill you can go magpul for not much $$.

Just for reference, the flashlight mount ($59.95) you listed cost more than a new magpul handguard, and rail, and angle quick disconnect flashlight mount. And you get a much nicer vented hand guard, with a simple strong flashlight mount located in exactly the right place, with quick disconnect. The flashlite mount can go on either side of the rifle. Add in a MOE magpul Vertical Grip and you are just a little more $ with a much nicer more comfortable rifle imo… If you go to gun shows you can probably get all the magpull stuff for under $50, and laugh at all the cheapy flashligh vendors trying to sell $5 lites for big bucks, lol… The rail and mount get on eBay for the best price ($15).


Thanks, I didn’t know.

If we decide to not worry about the ability to use a remote pressure switch then we’d get the C8 from MTN Electronics.

Good point. Yes I believe there are the holes in the top of the HG. So we could mount a Picatinny rail there and the use an offset light mount with quick disconnect. But I think the hard part is to find a mount that positions the light a bit forward like the IWC mount does. IIRC I believe I have seen something of the sort at the gun shows. That’s one thing I liked about the IWC mount, it puts the light out forward of the hand guard rather than along side it. (better position for tail switch operation)

Agree on the cost of that IWC mount, it’s too expensive. I was already thinking it’s probably double what we’re going to pay for the light!

Yes we try to hit all of the local gun shows faithfully, especially the larger ones, however there’s not a good one around the area until I think August. Love the Magpul stuff, been considering their MOE forend for my HD 12ga pump. Usually around 30 bucks at the shows.



Yeah, that and all the $40 a pound jerky! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do Klarus flashlights seem tougher/ more reliable than other brands?

Possibly not a solution for the OP, but for others there might be another way to go. I can only night hunt in Maine for coyotes. But I do have other times when vermin need to be eliminated and they are nocturnal.

I use a Surefire M1 (Millenium) IR light and night vision connected to the rifle between the eye and the red dot. I believe the light is only 5mw which is more than enough for night vision use. I also use subsonic ammo and a suppressor so that I don’t bother the neighbors. That’s in a 5.56. It won’t cycle the gun, but in a .300 Blackout chambering one can go to a heavy bullet for the same silence and it will cycle the gun. Bear in mind that the point blank range with this sort of setup can short due to the slow moving bullet and rapid bullet drop. Too, the bullet can destabilize. My 5.56 subsonic load is only good out to about 50 yards which is plenty of range for my use around the homestead.

BTW, my Surefire M1 IR light has to be old tech at this point. No doubt there is something better available today.


Just an update, when I started this thread I emailed KD about a 1-mode C8 with XPL-HI, they replied a few days ago that they now have one available:

I assume it’s the same driver as the others but with the bridges pre-soldered at the factory.

That would be ideal IMO.

I have a convoy c8 with a dedomed XML u4, which will be doing approx 60kcd throw. Its a great wee light for close/medium range, happily shooting rabbits at 100m and full view of behind the animal for a safe firing zone. Cost $30 incl mods by someone else. I have got on order a maxtoch 2x, 360kcd so 1200m ‘range’ and looking forward to getting that out. These are $95

Bumping this. I can’t believe there are no surefire gun light knock offs yet