H17fx driver not working

Hi all,

Long time flashaholic, first time custom light builder. I purchased an h17fx driver, plus a Samsung LH351D and a Nichia 219c from mtnelectronics. After putting it together, it didn’t work, so I disassembled it, and found that my cold solder joint on the LED board caused the negative lead to disconnect. Unfortunately, fixing that didn’t fix the light, and from using a voltmeter to test the output of the driver, I’m not getting any voltage when supplying 3.7 volts from an 18650 cell.

Did I toast the driver by turning it on without connecting an LED to it? If not, am I missing any troubleshooting steps? I’m supplying voltage directly to the brass button and the outer ring of the driver to test the driver directly.

Thanks for joining the gang, kltye!