H3 Warboy at Work

I just started a new job. Knowing that I would be outside in the dark a lot I decided to buy myself a new headlamp, the H3 Warboy. After starting the job I was surprised to be issued a headlamp for my hardhat (This thing). Everyone has them here and they suck. Its almost like wearing a brick on your head. So when the warboy finally arrived after taking the slow boat from China I decided to give it a try… It works perfect! All I did was remove the top strap and change out the rubber mounting thing for some zip ties. My only issue now is blinding my coworkers!

Bet it kills all the other lamps out there too. Cool!

Ordered one after watching your reviews.still waiting from gearbest.

Glad to see that you opted for an upgrade.

I know exactly where your coming from because this is what they supplied (and everybody used) when I started where I work)