H4 MT-G2 Headlight

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I like the idea but the build doesn’t look very quality to me.
It will have a great tint though unlike the bluish xenon aftermarket lights.
I would like to see the driver (there is an external ballast) & the working current, any volunteers?

That would be interesting to see!

For that heatsink you would have to have the available space behind the light.

Funny since I just changed headlight bulbs today. put in the Sylvania Silverstar ULTRA. (eBay)

nothing special - same wattage, different tint - more cool white.

wow, would love to see these in action. bet the tint would be nice.

I still think 55w 4500K HID’s would have better output and color rendition though.

Output and reliability sure but the MT-G2’s tint is hard to find elsewhere.

Even if you have the room to fit them, I can’t imagine the heat sink fans would last in an automotive environment.

the beam output produce awful illumination for the road… the darkness in the middle? it is where the light should be :expressionless:
and the HID 55 watts these day can be had for about $50 why but these ?
doesn’t make sense economically nor practical

Its a nice idea, but i doubt it would work, perhaps 3 XM-L with overlap would function better (and cheaper), but the heat will likely cause damage being in the “wrong” place, and you can’t count on that fan, its quality is likely bad and even if its the best fan on earth there is no failsafe

Also i doubt this would be legal (good and bad, prevents innovation but also prevents problems)

I could possibly see these as a secondary light source, maybe something like fog lights. 6k+ lumens worth of fog light wouldn’t be to shabby.

Such a feeble design attempt, and certainly made me laugh a few times. At least they didnt lie about the awful beam pattern, which is inevitable in that arrangement.

This would be better if they used a centeral “Heat Pipe” style heatsink and a passive cooler fins without that un-reliable fan idea. Also with a design that used the two MT-G2’s and an XM-L in the center facing forward to lessen that dark spot that would occur with some reflector designs.
Still regardless… LED’s have come a long way,
but not yet perfected enough in a design to be able to directly replace automotive style bulbs to work in standard original OEM housings & reflectors designed for Halogen Incans or HIDs, ( which have almost a 360 degree emitting range versus the flat, almost omni-directional LED emitting pattern.

I figure unless Cree decides to design a bulb to replace halogen in the halogen designed housing of todays cars (which won’t happen for non technical reasons) we will never have one that can retrofit directly.
I look forward to the beter cri and higher lm/w LEDs we will have by then

There’s no way these can work correctly. Car lamps are designed to have a single point source to focus, if you separate it like that there’s no way you’ll get a useful beam.

Aside from that, the heat sink is a joke. There’s a reason that car manufacturers are spending so much money developing LED systems, they have to function reliably in one of the toughest environments for a machine with vibration, huge temperature variations, water spray, dust, electrical spikes and sags… Even when designed properly I still see Porche and Audi headlamps and DRLs out.

anyone saw this?
when this should be out???

That is a different “Headlight” than the OP Automotive headlight driving lights they were referring to. That may be a nice light though that is designed to be worn on your head (with a head band or headlight strap assembly)

i had h11 just like that with cxa leds, my impression, beam sucks, worst than oem halogen in projector headlight, fans vibrate, i could feel my headlights vibrate when i put my hand on them. the heatsink got too hot too touch, the fins got cloged with dust\dirt, and fan bacame useless. afetr few days one driver started to flicker.

very much useless thing, imo