H6Flex driver question.

I dont have a lot of room in the driver pocket in the OL comp build and to make life easier I was wondering if it would be possible to drill the hole at the very bottom for the negative in from 1.4mm to 2mm to bolt through? I dont want to trash the driver.

Refer to that page. It clearly shows how much room you have. I think it would be ok.

Thanks. I dont know if the metal around the hole will still make contact with what it is meant to on the driver if the hole is drilled out. I have just downloaded the manual. I gather with 4 batteries in series running 3 leds in series the driver will only have to be set on 3 amps to output 3 amps on all 3 led's?

Drilling it out will break the top to bottom connection of the via / hole but it looks like the IN- might not be connected to anything on top so that would be ok.

Picture of the bottom that shows the traces?
~ edit ~
Picture of the bottom on taskled.com seems to show no traces / connections that are in the way of drilling it out. After drilling it out you might not have a lot of exposed metal around the hole to solder your wire to. You could gently scape off some of the white soldermask to expose more.

Thanks Helios. The reason I want to drill it out and screw it to the head is to do away with the wire soldered to that point. It would earth through the screw. Electrical items and I just dont go together hence the question.

If it’s just the ground, you shouldn’t have any problem. The screw will carry the ground to the body. Even if something goes wrong, it’s easy to complete a ground.