Haikelite MT01 UPDATE, replacement arrived)

My apologies, i did not notice that it was a different account until you mentioned it. Thank you for the prompt reply to this matter. (his last rely was over a month ago, & did not reply to my last to messages i sent.

During the Holiday it is a bit harder for even me to reach him but I will find a way to ge t this resolved.

I'm still trying to get Dale. The Holiday is in full swing so please give me a day or two...

This is at the top of my list. Once I have all the logistics for each product worked out in shipping all Canadian customers will reflect on my company so this has to get handled.

Thank you. I appreciate your correspondence on this. Good customer service is key to keeping returning customers, and customers who promote positive feedback. (and future purchases as you have many really nice models of lights in your lineup.

To me... Sales are simple... The product will usually sell itself.. It is the service the customer gets before and after the sale that keeps a customer.

I am about to send you a PM.. I just spoke to Dale.

Thanks! (replied

Keep me posted so that I can continue to remind Dale if necessary.. He really has,a massive workload and things get mistakenly forgotten.

My wife helped me with that. I have no less than 3 planners one for each area of our business lol

Hello again, I sent him that email but still NOT have heard back or got any response to fixing my defective MT01… It is now March,12018…

Dale according to Terry is just returning to the factory in china, they have had like 20 days or so holidays over there everything closed so things more or less have been standing still, we also have some issues with their group buy for the MT09R flashlight from Haikelite same thing there, no responses from Dale because its been holidays, dont worry they will start go through all mail and solve these issues and Terry will hopefully be able to sort things between them and you. Its never fun dealing with defective lights but i bet Haikelite want to get things right for you since light is under warranty and all.

I am interested in the MT09R too, but going to wait before i buy another Haikelite to see what they do to fix my MT01 failure firsts.

* UPDATE, March.25,2018

  • So its been past 2 months now with a useless dead, failed MT01 i purchased not long ago, and Haikelite did NOTHING so far to fix my issue, all they did is give me the run-around, claiming this “Dale” person of theirs was supposed to contact me, (of whom never did after months ago,) and they kept delaying any fix for the faulty MT01 i bought from them through Banggood. As mentioned above, the XHP50.2 emitter burned out two of its four dies, then the light stopped working completely not long after. I tried another emitter, (a new XHP70 i had) but the light failed to turn on at all, so i guess the driver failed too??
    Either way, the months passed and i still have a dead MT01 taken apart in a box that is basically junk. The last message that HaikeLite Official here on BLF sent me 2 days ago was: ” Could you please provide your banggood order number and email address? We send the XHP50.2 emitter with MCPCB to banggood, They will arrange the shipping to you” … REALLY?!
    all they needed to do months ago is send me the parts directly or a replacement light, but NO, they come up with that idea? SO i have red-flagged Haikelite as a flashlight company with POOR to ZERO customer service. I will never buy another light from them, and will never recommend Haikelite to anyone, as if their light fails, they will likely get the shaft & BS that i did. I have had far better customer service from other established brands of lights i had an failure with before. Olight, Thorfire, Manker light, all have great customer service and will help their customers quickly, Haikelite will not. They claim they want to build great lights and succeed as a flashlight company? well they better fix their horrible lacking customer service first before i will ever buy or recommend their lights ever again!

What kind of service is that anyway. Offering to send you the parts unless that’s what you requested, to fix it yourself.
What if the customer doesn’t own a soldering iron, or doesn’t know how to fix the issue in the first place. I also thought you said the driver was toast. They didn’t offer to send a new one of those to.

I guess they “assumed” i can fix it myself. and after all the run-arounds the last message they want to ship the “parts” to Banggood, for them to ship to me?? that is just stupid. It’s clear Haikelite do not want to keep customers, or help anyone who has issues with their lights. When my 60-dollar S20 failed some years ago, Olight immediately replace the light. Great customer service. I continue to buy lights form Olight and recommend them. as for Haikelite and the poor customer service bull crap excuses they gave me, never will i buy another from them, or recommend their lights to anyone.

I don’t blame you one bit. Hatelite }( hasn’t took in to consideration all the time you have spent trying to get this resolved. They should have ask you to return it and shipped you a new or just refund your money. Customer service should’t be “here’s the parts fix it yourself”. No honored warranty with no customer service, I want be sending any of my money there way. I got better things to do than send 20 emails and pics and video’s with no resolve besides fix it yourself. If that’s there customer service policy, they won’t last long. :wink:

They never even offered a refund or a replacement, all they did was give me excuse after excuse… and gave me a run around.
Haikelite is a company that do not deserve to succeed with the ridiculous poor customer service i got from them. That last message they sent me was the last straw, when they said they would sent the parts to Banggood to ship to me, which is complete bullcrap.
The only other light company i have had poor customer service from is sunwayman, but Haikelite is the worst so far.

I was going to get into that group buy MT09R but, I started reading about the problems they were having with that buy, this issue DBSAR is having, and a few other things I have read along the way. Think I shall stay away from Haikelite for the time being. I have 3 of their lights in my favorites on GB but I reckon they will stay right where they are for now. I only spend about two or three hundred dollars every month or so on lights and accessories. I know many more of you probably spend way more than that. I work hard for that money and don’t want to have to jump through crazy hoops and cross my fingers that I don’t get taken. I read lots of reviews and make notes before I buy a light. Customer service is way up there on my list of things I look for. I don’t mind a bad review of a light just because that particular reviewer didn’t like the light for some reason or the other. The thing he hates about it may be just the thing I like. Now if I see a bad customer service review, I run. I don’t care if you are giving me the light for 5 bucks, you can keep it if I have to hunt you down and send 25 emails to get a replacement or repair.

I have only had two problems with lights. One was Sofirn. Bad driver. Two emails and a new light was in my hands in 6 days from my original email. Awesome customer service. Love those guys and gals. Now I have lots of Sofirn’s. I can recommend them to family and friends knowing if there ever is a problem that it will be dealt with professionally and quickly. Second was Thorfire. Shipping issue. Malinda I think her name was, took care of me super quick and everything was set right. Will always recommend them as well. My 10 year old boy and 12 year old girl decided they wanted flashlights for running around our property at night. Told them I would give them a few. They weren’t having that, they wanted to save their money and buy it themselves. I said “okay”, smiling the whole time. They did save up their money and I turned them loose on Amazon and told them to pick something out from Thorfire or Sofirn. My daughter decided on a Sofirn C8A and my son a Thorfire VG10S. I may have accidentally added a SP33 to the cart as well. That’s what good customer service does. Sells product.

Sorry for my ranting. Just can’t state how very very important service after the sale is. Without that good service, sales will suffer.

That’s why I don’t buy anything I can’t use PayPal for. I’d have gone down the PayPal dispute route a long time ago, I don’t have the patience or will to mess around with ‘customer service’.

that sucks to hear :frowning: did u do a paypal dispute?

I did not, i trusted Haikelite at the time to fix this issue with my dead light, but now its months later and unsure if that claim window woudl be still open or valid in paypal now that so much time has passed.