haikelite mt09r turbo mode not working

Hi everyone, I bought a new Haikelite mt09r my device is working normally but Turbo mode is not working please anyone can help ?

Cells can handle current consumption on turbo? Unprotected cells?
If it is new, contact seller and replace with working one.

I do not know the suggested values from which cell I should use. Can you recommend one?

US18650VTC6 30A button top for example.

Thank u so much my dude. U helped a lot.

my battaries protected . I guess protected battaries is not suitable for turbo mod am I right ?

Not at all.

stay away from that brand, bad quality overall.

Not exactly a helpful suggestion when someone already owns the light. He was using protected batteries, not an issue with the light itself :slight_smile:

Protected batteries are meant to protect the battery from giving too much power to the device using it (depending on the protection, I’ve seen protected 18650s that trip at a low 3 Amps current, with most I’ve tested that trip at 6 Amps. I think some trip at 8+ Amps — I’ve not been able to test some higher ones since I’ve read about those protected high-drain 18650s but don’t have one — usually more expensive flashlight-branded rewrap).

The MT09R will need a lot of power in Turbo mode, I’m not sure how much, but will likely draw more than 6 Amps of power per battery, thus Turbo mode will blink once then shut off the battery.

Yeah, the ’09R is the only light that I feed with VTCsomethings. 5, 5A, 6, forgot.

I figured it needs beefier cells to make the most use of the brighter end of the scale.

I really should use protected cells (4S), but I think mine are nekkid. I just don’t draw it down too much without topping off.

This is the 3x21700cell pop can size 4x SBT90.2 25ish thousand lumen powa-sukka! Yeah I’d get the highest max discharge unprotected cells I could find. I don’t find it surprising turbo doesn’t work with protected low discharge cells. Samsung 30/40T’s? Molicell 4200/Vapecell INR21700 30Amp continuous discharge. Maybe the Sofirn 4000mAh 40Amp cell. I’ve wanted this light for a while now…the $500 price tag had made me really think about it.