Gentlemen, but why doesn't anyone write anything about this fantastic Haikelite MT41 flashlight which is the only medium sized flashlight that can rival all SBT90.2 single led flashlights of the same size? I own it and it's an amazing thing, more lumens, more launch, more autonomy, better runtime. The comparison was carried out with the naked eye as we do not have any equipment for this. I kindly ask you who are equipped to do this and also to disprove my claims to test MT41 to do it justice. For my comparison test I used Convoy 4x18A SBT90.2, Acebeam K30-GT, Convoy L7 (tied with MT41), Noctigon K1 (superior to MT41). Thanks a lot to those who want to perform this test.

Where is it? I can't seem to find much on it. Any links, pics?

€ 66,01 | Haikelite-linterna LED CSLPM1 de 6500LM, 4 бmparas, 6500 lúmenes, novedad 1400m

Tom E, you who are an important person in our world ask Haikelite for one and give it a try, you will see what a bomb this torch is! Conceptually it is very simple, no amplifiers, no complications, all very traditional but what a bomb four w2 in that 72mm head, believe me only the K1 is superior but not that much.

Hhmm, I could try contacting them but I don't have any direct contact person there. Sure would be interesting in posting a review, but I don't see this light at many retailers at all, so seems like they are not pushing it.

This is true, Haikelite never pushes any product, even if very valid, they are not good at placing their torches, certainly they are not marketing geniuses. However, already with the Osram W2.2 Culpm1.tg the MT41 is very performing, I imagine a new one with 4 SFT40 instead of the current 4 SST40 of the MT40.

I have the haikelite as well it’s a great thrower for the money.
It easily beats the TM16GT I have in both throw and output, beats the astrolux EA02 I have in throw with 4 times the lumens.
I need to try it against my MF02 as they should be similar except in lumen output.


Test in Germany

here is my quick video about how does it perform. It’s about 500-600m to the end of the mine. I’ll try my best tonight and I’ll make some more beamshots in various ranges, I even have drone footage of it, but I need to glue it all into single video :smiley: all those interested ones - stay tuned!

Beautiful video but above all beautiful location, where is this place? For curiosity...

Yes, the folks at Haikelite are not very good at promoting their products. BG has a new Haikelite that looks interesting. It isn’t even listed with a model name or number but is listed as Haikelite XPH50.2 (SIC). I can find no other info.

I’ve looked for the MT41, maybe it’s only available in some areas.

Sobótka, Poland - granite mine

Yes, I found it on BG says 7 XHP50.2 LEDs and 23000 lumens !!! Can you tell me more about this new product? Thanks.

Thread on that one over here

Does anyone here have an idea of what the best batteries to use for this would be? I just bought one and I want to double check that I'm picking the right batteries.

I'm looking at picking up button top versions of either 4x Molicel P26As (~25a continuous), Samsung 30Qs (15a continuous), or Sanyo NCR18650GAs (10a continuous).

I think the CSLPM1 won't pull more than ~9a per LED, correct? If that's the case, then I would see no performance benefit going for 30Qs or P26As over the Sanyos?

I want to make sure I'll be getting the absolute maximum performance out of it, and I'm happy to sacrifice some capacity for that, but if there's no benefit going for the higher drain cells then I might as well go for the Sanyos.

Those cells are probably in parallel, so figure 8 amps per emitter on Turbo, that’s 32 amp (barring losses for resistance, etc), so you’d be fine with GA’s, but to get the most out of it, go with Sony VTC6 (if you can find them). If you can’t find those, Vapcell rewraps them.

Thanks so much for your reply. I’m pretty sure I need button tops. I haven’t been able to find button top VTC6s in stock, or button top Vapcell rewraps of them. I assume 30Qs would be pretty equivalent, right?

Vtc6 hits a little harder and can sustain higher current for longer, basically the voltage sags less ss load increases. 30Q are fine, but GAs will be better I think due to the longer runtimes. That or LG MJ1 or Samsung 35E


I use Murata VTC05A from yesterday and the performance is way better than Samsung 30Q! Impressive!