Handy little thing for modders: XY-UDP USB-power supply

This thing is a power supply that works from USB. It is under 12 dollar on aliexpress, I bought it here: link. If a proper USB-C source is used (that can deliver up to 12V) it can deliver 15W of power, and 2A. From a normal 5V USB supply it can deliver much less power (it stopped at 1A when powering a SST20 led), but it can boost voltage up to 30V if needed. This is enough for many little hobby-tasks like checking leds or even powering a driver to see if it works. It has a very nice display that gives you good control over what is going on.

I had one before, the red one in the picture, but that one had physical adjustments pots that did not provide direct feedback, they were very unhandy and I never had them working well.

The new black one in contrast allows entering the settings digitally, and it monitors everything well, in practice that is a big leap forward in usuability, even though the power supply hardware at the core may not be very different from the red version.

I hoped that this power supply would work with very low currents, but although you can set it and read it out as low as 1mA and it does function that low, under 10mA the supply is not very stable, if a led is connected you can see random flickering every now and then.

I checked the displayed current reading on the device at various set currents with a multimeter in the circuit, with a led as load, the multimeter agreed with the display within 2% or so that is fine.

I kept the thing at 2A powering a SST20 led for a few minutes without problem. The input power was 12.5W, output power was 6.9W, so the power dissipation of the thing was 5.6W.

I could check more things, and there is many things I can not check (I’m not HKJ, just someone with a solder iron who knows Ohm’s law and not much else), but what I noticed so far is making it useful for what I want from it: small tasks in my flashlight hobby :slight_smile:

Thanks, Djozz. I might order one, I’ll wait and see if others chime in with similar suggestions. Seems nice for the price but wouldn’t mind a bit more power.

Ordered, thanks. I have quite a few parts on the slow boat for some modding, so this will come in handy.

I got one of those a while ago, has been handy quite a few times, I recommend it too!

Nice. I wasn’t aware of these things, thanks djozz :beer:

Hey, I got the same power supply but mine is the yellow one. Does yours have Bluetooth build in?

no, mine does not have bluetooth, that would be a handy feature too, but not for me because I’m not that handy with computers.

Thanks for sharing this.

I’ve just ordered this one, which is similar but includes USB testing as well as power supply. 淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢

Hoping I can use it to test LEDs and check things like driver LVP. Would have liked one with WiFi / logging but for the price I can’t complain.

Still only 2A though. This bigger one looks quite good too. 淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢 It has DC input as well as USB-PD (maybe only 20V) and goes up to 5A.

I built this power supply based on a part on thingiverse.

I think the whole thing cost less than $20, not including print time.

The only thing I don’t like about it it’s that the knob adjusts hundredths of a volt, instead of tenths of a volt, so it takes a while to get to the voltage I want.

The switch is there so you can have the output active, and adjust it to where you want it to be without actually outputting power.

The yellow one isn’t a power supply; it’s a digital voltmeter/ammeter for measuring USB chargers.

Used it today to test 90+ CRI xhp35 Hi’s received. Great being able to set the amps so precisely to match other lights with a certain light level to compare.

In this case both the LEDs look great and slightly rosy. Now to choose between 2700k and 3000k for the mod.

Okay thanks and that’s right and I was confused with which one the post was talking about. These things are handy when checking those cheap adapters that say 2A output but only give 1A max! :person_facepalming:

They sure are! And for checking if a charger and device are PD or QC compliant.

The XY-UMPD arrived today. Thanks for the recommendation. This one can do both power supply and testing.

Testing seems to work fine - this one does lots more with QC and PD than my $3 one.

I haven’t tried it as a mini power supply yet but will put it through its paces later.