Happy Birthday BLF is 8 Years old

On January 8th BLF will be 8 years old

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All your friends wanted to celebrate this special day with you .

Happy Birthday, BLF!


The kids are so cute and look very Happy,they must have gotten torches for their Birthday. :+1:

Happy Birthday BLF! If there’s gonna be cake…please let me know. :partying_face:

8 years, time flies! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLF! :+1:

Boaz !
Since when did you ever post a picture here ?

Eight great years !

:partying_face: :beer:

You have been here nearly the whole time Jack. Time to get a life yet? :stuck_out_tongue:
Would you believe it if I said sb is about to turn nine? :beer:

Happy Birthday BLF!
Hello old friends

Hello CCCpull

USER #4 Now that’s impressive

I was always proud of My #300
It’s crazy to think the first year probably didn’t have over 350 members .

Nice to see you too jamesearljones…
so you were just trying to avoid doing your 1000 post giveaway ?

We don't do those 1000 post giveaways anymore, so you're fine! ;)

That was a good old BLF tradition... :p

User 1434 here, seems like there must have been a period of growth between when boaz joined and I joined

Happy Birthday BLF!!! I’ve been here 6 years 5 months of those 8 years. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Atbglenn and Pulsar became a member on the same day! Wow

I’m in good company!

Speaking of birthdays, I found this picture of me on my 13th birthday taken May 2nd 1965. I was a pretty good looking kid if I don’t say so myself….lol! now that’s funny! Check out those ears!

A lot of old school members in this thread.

Happy birthday, BLF!
What a great place to be.

Happy Birthday BLF :partying_face:

Good to see them still posting. Would be nice to see some of the old members back that went AWOL stop in once in a while…

Happy birthday, BLF, and thank you one and all for all your contributions.

Oh good I’m safe, don’t have any to give away lol sorry, see a lot of change happened here. Nice to see everyone.