Happy Birthday BLF is 8 Years old

Happy birthday BLF!

Thanks for the fun everyone. :slight_smile:

Congratulations BLF! I was not here from the start (elsewhere, you know, where most of us started :smiling_imp: ).
But there is a Dutch expression that says something like: better turned at half than to get lost altogether.

I know SB is user #1, but have no idea who 2 & 3 are. :question:

Anyway, here is a blast from the past:

Happy birthday BLF!

User 2 doesn’t exist. User 3 is “administrator” and was last seen just over a week ago but only has 17 posts… looks like maybe one of SB’s accounts.

Approaching a year for me, user 22562, daily visitor.

Fire works of exploding 18650`s going off for BLF

Join date is off to the left :stuck_out_tongue:
About 30 or so years ago I used to put 5v globes/bulbs into 6v lights, needed to carry quite a few spares.
Remember this type

Cheers David

Congrats BLF.

I’ve noticed that I passed the 1000 posts. Didn’t see it before it was too late.
Maybe I will do a giveaway but maybe I wont.

Happy early 8th Birthday BLF.

This place has been very helpful.


And he walked out the room,
wearing nothing butt a smile :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday BLF!!! :crown: :beer:

Happy birthday BLF! :beer:

Reader first of all…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLF!!! :partying_face: :crown:

Happy Birthday dear BLF! :smiley: :beer:

Happy Birthday Budget Light Forum! :partying_face:

:beer: (clink) :beer:

Thank You for all you do SB!! :+1:


Happy Birthday BLF!!


happy birthday BLF :partying_face: :beer:

I’m glad I found this place by accident. I used to lurk on CPF far too much and they are grumpy even by my standards