Happy Chinese New Year!

Well, it's that time of year, I guess. KaiDomain posted the following message on their home page (and I was hoping they'd get my AKOray out before the break; it shows Order Pending-Packed so maybe I made it though the tracking number hasn't been logged at HKP):


Dear Valued Customers: Thank you for all your support on our business! It's Vacation time! Kaidomain shipping department will be on holiday from February 7th to 21st to celebrate Chinese new year. We will maintain limited customer service and email support during this holiday season.

Cheers, Kaidomain Team


Meanwhile, DealExtreme says this:


Due to the nationwide observation of the holiday, Hong Kong Post and the Customs will be temporarily closed and DX shipments will be temporarily paused between Feb 12 and Feb 20, 2010. Some customers will start to get shipment notification immediately after the holiday, but live postal tracking information for orders shipped between and a few days before and after these dates will likely not be processed and shown in the postal system immediately after the holiday due to post holiday traffic at the customs and HK Post.

Meanwhile, DX’s website will still be functioning and you can still make orders as usual. But Customer Service will be reduced between Feb 12 and Feb 20. During the holiday, limited staffs will still be around to handle the most urgent matters in the support ticket system to ensure everything will catch up right after the holiday.


It also tends to be a bit chaotic for a week or two either side of Chinese New Year. It is a bit like France in August - just don't bother trying to buy anything. Scottish New Year is similar too, the hangovers start wearing off about the 5th of January. The last time I worked in the first week of January was 1988 (With a brief interlude of work on 1st January 2000 - Y2K bug!). I hope everyone in China has a great time, it appears to be their only national holiday.

My next order from DX/KD will be in March.