Happy chinese traditional Valentine's Day

Hi all:
Tomorrow is chinese traditional Valentine’s Day,I am not sure if you know this holiday?It is a pretty good chance to express your love to your beloved ones…
If you love someone, please take this chance to do something for her/him, I think he/she will be moved…


Happy Chinese Valentiens Day for tomorrow Candy :bigsmile:

What? No video’s

Thanx, happy chinese Valentine Day to you too :slight_smile:

Happy Chinese Traditional Valentine’s Day!

Have a happy chineese valentine’s day!

It is a good time for giving flowers to the girls, and flashlights to their boyfriends :heart_eyes:

We have Valentine’s Day too, Sunday but ours is on February 14th. Most of us see is as a big scam created by greeting card manufacturers and florists to sell more cards and flowers. It has grown to crazy proportions here and is a huge money machine. Is it anywhere near that stage in China or is this a fairly new holiday there and still fairly simple?

Everyday is a great day to show your loved ones just how much you care. :wink:

Guess I’ll have to stop by work and give my friend and co-worker Wang a big hug today…I’m sure he will just love it.Any man that can fall asleep at my WVa cabin while watching the “love” sceen in Deliverance is a friend to keep indeed!He even is a flashaholic as well!Happy Chinese valentines’s day to all!-Rick

Have you hugged your Wang today ? :heart_eyes:

What? Never knew there is a Chinese V Day

I didn’t get to hug my Wang today…have to wait until I work with him Sat.O’ my poor lonely Wang, just hangin’ around the shop all lonesome….

yes, today is the Lunar July 7, Chinese Valentine’s Day, I wish you all lovers all’s well that ends well

Thanks all

Happy Valentines day Sunday!

Thanks all :wink:
I love you all

I Love you 2 Dear
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I just recently knew that Chinese has its own date of Valentine’s day. It’s interesting and I also wonder how you guys celebrate this event. As we all know most people do the traditional way of celebrating this event. Normally a guy would give a bunch of flowers and box of chocolates to his girl friend or to his special someone. Some are going out for a date, watch movies and have a dinner. Others just simply greet each other a Happy Valentine’s Day and others just treat it like an ordinary day. Other countries have their own traditional ways of celebrating this special day. Check this out so you’ll see how Japanese, Korean and people from Islamic countries celebrate this festivity.