Happy National Flashlight day BLFers!!!

Happy National flashlight day!!!

I can’t believe I forgot about this, and I can’t believe no one else has commented on it yet! Thanks for the reminder kramer5150! Enjoy the day! —KartRacer31

I was in the dark about this holiday :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. But I check my lights much more than just 1 day a year! :wink:

Happy National Flashlight Day! :slight_smile:

Let's celebrate! Everyone buy a new light today!


I love it! Thanks for sharing!!

I just ordered two hosts and a glut of modding gear, does that count?

I ordered a gold edc18650 host to build up for my missus and a c8 upgrade host from Cngq, plus some nw emitters, xp-g2 cw and various bits for my mod box - o-rings, boots, a new switch for my zy-t08, isolators etc.

And my pots and drivers arrived today, Christmas holidays will see a few mods carried out in anger. I also didn’t realise how damm small amc7135’s are, glad I ordered tweezers and a heat shunt at the same time.

Happy flashlight day. 8)

And on the "End of the World" day too. How appropriate!

I love it! At least I can now convince people I’m not the only one who’s bonkers!

Happy Flashlight Day everyone! :party:

How fitting!!! I just got home from work and the POWER IS OUT, in the middle of a rain-storm !!! WOOHOO!!! (its back up and running now though)

This has displaced the previous tie between Christmas and my birthday as my favorite day of the year!

Who wants to remake this with some real lights? :nerd_face:

Happy National Flashlight Day!