Happy New Year Giveaways - 5 Free Rayvenge Headlamps - Ship to USA Only. WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

New year is comming, Rayvenge offers 5 free headlamps for the US members of BLF for your support in 2015. (updated on Dec.24th)

The headlamp giveaways will be shipped from Amazon US FBA warehouse, so the winners are limited to those in the United States.

Here’s the links of Amazon.

Key features:
Optimal combination of light weight and power output - 35 grams, 115 lumens - requires only 1 AA battery (one Duracell AA battery included) - CREE XP-E technology enables high performance with compact form factor.
IPX 6 Rated - waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant - - Tested with powerful water jets - no leakage in battery or lamp compartments. Made of durable, non-toxic materials.
This beam and angle adjustable headlamp has 6 light modes - 4 white light levels, 2 red light levels, SOS - operated with single easily accessible button. Red LED headlamp causes no harm to your night vision.

To Enter:
Show a picture of your headlamp(s), and say something about it(them).

3 winners will be chosen by random.org – based on the sequence of entry.
Limited to one entry per account.
Closing: 23:59pm. Dec 31, 2015. PST GMT

List of Participants

  1. raccoon city
  2. electricjelly
  3. KeepingItLight
  4. matg
  5. brad
  6. keltex78
  7. hank
  8. diGGy
  9. Martini
  10. Streamer
  11. alphazeta
  12. Boaz
  13. scianiac
  14. FlashPilot
  15. bguy
  16. cone
  17. MauiSon
  18. Abqjohnny
  19. monanoke
  20. lichan
  21. Jubeldum
  22. SIGShooter
  23. H-Man
  24. wahoowad
  25. Joat
  26. Paul321
  27. magnadoodle
  28. JakeDjanitor
  29. PPDB22
  30. Well_Max
  31. millerman
    List of Winners

    The Winners are:
    7. hank
    24. wahoowad
    6. keltex78
    12. Boaz
    19. monanoke
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Jetbeam HC20:

Nice and simple headlamp.

Great if you want to use an 18650. ;)

Thanks for the giveaway and the opportunity to win your nice looking headlight.

Here’s my current favorite custom headlight.

Its a Nichia 219c triple on noctigon crammed into a Skilhunt H02 host with a Dr. Jones lumodrv driver @4.5A. Very bright and nice tint.

My Fenix…….4xAA, a choice of beam profiles, nice!

!! jjjjj

Lightweight and easy on-board re-charging make this really easy to use, and its bright enough for most things since I have flashlights to really light up / search with.

I do not have a headlamp! But for a few months now, I have been looking at the ZebraLight H600Fd. I like the idea of a frosted lens. Helps move some of the light out of the hot spot, and into the spill. The good thing is that it still has enough throw for hiking. The H600Fd is on my short list of lights to buy after the holiday.

As a stand in, here is a photo of my ZebraLight SC62w.

Thanks for the giveaway. I like the fact that the Rayvenge runs on 1xAA. Fueled by an E91 lithium primary, I think it would make an excellent vehicle light.

This is my collection at the moment. I had a cheapy headlamp that I threw out becuase it stopped working so I need a headlamp. This one looks cool! Good luck to all.

I’m fond of this little AAA oldie.

BLF member’s are only from the US?

I’m not from the US, can I enter the competition and send the headlamp to a charitable organisation in the US if I win, it would be a nice gift for someone?

So let me get this straight...

if you can't have it, you don't want any BLF member in the U.S. to have it?

It would be a nice gift for a BLF member in the United States, right?

Maybe you should look up the word "troll" (again) and take a long look in the mirror. ;)

My picture is included in this post.

You can’t see it because I don’t have a headlamp. :frowning:

no offense to the friends from other countries.
The headlamp will be shipped from Amazon US FBA warehouse, so the giveaways are only for the US member of BLF.

This is the headlamp I have:

An upgrade would be nice…

So anyway, this was a gift I received a couple of years ago. It has 10x of the 5mm-style LEDs, which gives the light a rather dim but wide pool of light, although in an extremely cool-white tint. It is a very close-range light, sufficient for working on things within arms reach, but nothing beyond that. Runs on 3x AAA cells; I get decent runtime from the three salvaged AAA niMH cells I have installed in this. I use it extensively for working on flashlights (ya think? :bigsmile: ) to illuminate while I am using my hands for soldering.

Hi tatasal,
The giveaways are to USA only, I’d like to have you win the giveaway but I can’t ship to far east.

Hi jfong,
If you’re in USA, I can have you added in the list of participants.

Do I have to buy one for a chance to win? :stuck_out_tongue:

(image stolen from RaceR86s topic titled “3 different budget headlamps - simple reviews and teardown”

I tore mine down and put in a decent hight CRI Nichia and it’s a real pleasure to use.

Of course it’s got the stupid “next mode memory” so stumbles into strobe mode all too often. I can fix that ….

Well, diGGy, if you show a picture of any of your favorite outdoor gears, I’ll add you in the participants list. :slight_smile:

I have no headlamps in my possession unless I rubberband a flashlight to my head. I’ll post this image instead.

only ship to USA…
not there but happy to see giving gift!!! :bigsmile: