Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all! 9 hours to go here - for those on the bottom of the world who're already into 2014, hope yours is a happy new year too!

Actually, until around 1960, Christmas Day wasn't a public holiday in Scotland. New Year's Day was and was the biggie.

:party: :beer: and be :bigsmile: all

Happy New Year!! :party:

It's 2014 here!!! And very quiet ;)

Happy New Year

Happy New year!!! to all BLF members.

Hope all BLF members have a Bright new year! :crown:

Black Label for the New Year. :beer: Happy New 2014 Year to BLF members.

Happy New year!!!

Long time no hear don!

Happy New Year to you and every bod else!!

Best wishes

din kreisl ;)

Happy new year, Don! And to the whole of BLF!

(6.5 hours to go here, my little son is frightened to death, he cries with every absurdly loud illegal fireworks bomb exploding in the neighbourhood, we have nice music on now to distract him from the noise )

Happy New Year dear BLFers :beer:

My place also quiet, just some honks from motorists

Just came back from seeing the fireworks and celebrations. Happy New Year to all the BLF people :party: :beer: :party:

Happy new year everyone!

We had some fireworks going off here. :slight_smile:


Where do you find these squirrel pics?

One of my assistants sits and shakes at every firework.

The other has to comment long and loud on every %$^%^$& one. That assistant has just been stopped from doing archaeology in the kitchen bin - the box their chicken wings came in was too tempting for him.

they are random finds on daily updated funny pix sites or imgur etc

Happy New Year 2014 to all.

they are actually selfies

happy new year all! I ended xmas with a bottle of strawberry moonshine, and I have all intent to bring in the new year with some apple pie moonshine... if I can find some

From the start of this year. One day the assistants decided I didn't need gloves.

Happy new year!