Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Here’s hoping each of you and yours has the best Thanksgiving ever. Enjoy this special day.


You too! One of the things I am thankful for is this forum as corny as that may be!


Same to you, Brad and everyone at BLF!


Thanksgiving doesn’t exist here… How do we do this? I’m thankful for the friendly, small community that exists here on the BLF! <— Sounds about right? :slight_smile:

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and to the BLF community!

Happy thanks giving guys from one of your British friends. Have a great time and a fantastic start to the festive/holiday season.

Happy Turkey Day to all !!!

What I'm eating for desert.


1. To eat greedily or rapidly.

2. The guttural, chortling sound of a male turkey.

Do you think this is a coincidence?

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Happy thanksgiving to everyone, including crychili:

Same to you ILF, and to all fellow flashaholics.

Same to you Brad and everyone else :*

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here too!

In Keeping with "Budget Light Forum" tradition ......

My wish is for EVERYONE to have a SAFE and Festive Holiday ...... with Great Family, Food and Football !!!


ENJOY - Triple A

Happy t-day, everyone. I’m working today - of all days! But mine will be a late Thanksgiving (the 26th) when I head home to SA. So while y’all are chowing down, I’ll be answering calls and taking reports. :frowning: I told mom to have the garlic-est gravy-soaked mashed potatoes and smoked turkey waiting. I can wait for that.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on here!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! :party: