Happy Thanksgiving

Well, here in the US it’s Thanksgiving Day. It’s a great day to reflect on the many blessings in our life.

For me: a wonderful and healthy family, a shelter over our heads, and good food to eat. And of course, our wonderful forum, flashlight family, and SB for taking care of us.

What are you most thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving, BLF!

I am most thankful for the same things as gchart:

family, friends, food, and this forum.

We didn't have turkey this year, and I'm grateful for that as well because I'm not a huge fan of turkey.

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of turkey. I usually brine and smoke it and that helps. But this year we just roasted a couple of turkey tenderloins. Just enough to count for the traditional turkey without having too much.

I’m stuffed, what a day of great food and family.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Family, friends, food and flashlights plus good homes and good health!

We do not travel great distances to be with family members for Thanksgiving. Too scattered (NM, CO, CA, Manitoba) and too much unpredictable winter weather, which this year is playing havoc with travel. The NM three of us had a turkey (13.5 lbs., brined and roasted), stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, a chunky spiced cranberry-apple sauce and pumpkin pie. A bottle of cranberry wine. Everything home made except for the wine but that is from a local winery. Lots of turkey left overs. I see a turkey pot pie in our near future. :slight_smile: :+1:

A belated Thanksgiving to our Canadian members.

What? You didn’t make your cranberry wine? :wink:

I did. It’s been bulk aging for a long time, just went ahead and bottled it today. And drank some of course!

We aimed to do everything from scratch this year: rolls, stuffing, Zhender’s copycat cranberry relish, turkey*, pumpkin pie starting from a whole pumpkin, wine, etc.

*I to tried harvest a wild turkey this fall, but no luck. Had to settle for buying some.


Wild turkeys got to be about the hardest thing to “harvest”. They can hear you breathe tens of yards away.

Yup, they’re incredibly skiddish. If you have lots of time to learn their patterns on a specific property, it’s doable. But otherwise, definitely challenging!