Has anbody bought 28mm aspherics from dx recently?

I would like to warn you. Last batch I received, has totally different outer curve (there for different focal length) and it does not focus properly. I ordered cca 30 of them, in total (last 2 orders), and, my god, Im so disappointed.

I'm reselling such little throwers, and my whole sale of these was based on that aspheric. But they do not work at all. Oh m, what a major f**k up

The new lens maybe isnt aspheric at all, mabe just convex lens.

BEcause, I tried focusing at different distances from the LED, but of no avail (Thats why I think it isnt aspheric at all, it doesnt focus all the light, like old lens, at any distance forom the LED). It focuses maybe 50 percent of the light, other ight is outside the focus, so it is as if you dont have focusing lens at all. Throw is the same.

Is there some alternative seller for these lenses?

Probably from the same supplier.

Saw a video of a tunable lens on a flashlight called Optotune on youtube -if you want me to post the url - I will, looks very good but expensive.

That was actually gonna be my first DX purchase (along a few other DIY parts) but not now! Thanks