Has anyone converted their P60s

Just wondering if anyone has converted there P60s to permanent solid pills. I have a number of solar force P60s that I got when I was a novice modder and don’t really do anything with them anymore. I’ve been thinking about trying to build in permanent pills and using them as regular flashlight hosts.

I converted a 502 b to a threaded copper pill using a 20 X 1 mm tap and die set. A bit more but that was part of the mod.

Heh, I was thinking about this too. I like the P60, but just do not use them for anything once I have the pill in there…. Hopefully someone will chime in with a slick BLF mod for Solarforce hosts…

Copper pipes work wonders

Personally I don’t think there is much needed for a good p60 host. I know in theory they don’t have the same thermal properties, but I not really convinced it’s a real issue that you can see with the eye.

I have 3 Solarforce hosts I use quite a lot. Two of them have Nichia 219B drop ins from Int’l Outdoor. They pull around 2.3-2.4 amps and both seem to perform flawlessly. Even for extended use.

The other is a WW XP-L, also from Int’l Outdoors running a 3 amp Qlite. I know none of these are ‘power houses’ in modern senses, but all are really useful torches.

I used to wrap the p60’s in tin foil and considered using copper pipe. But with a bit of trial and error I found I could tell no difference when using the lights, so these days I don’t bother at all and just use them as is.

I’ve made some copper pills for the P60. Either cut the threads off the stock reflector or used a different reflector (and head) altogether. They weren’t permanent but a rather snug press fit. The sst-90 I soldered directly to the pill.

I have tried to open GB to make this things:

But seems that nobody is interested.

I have always wanted a triple pill for a Solarforce. Just can’t find the shells and will not pay hundreds for one. I do love my P60 lights, mainly Solarforce but also a couple of older 502b’s that are made fairly well. I really like them with 219b’s and toasty warm XM-L2’s with a qlite driver.

I remember those from CPF and yes I still want them. I thought it was the next progressive step up from P60 format. With SolarForce now producing 1-18350,1-18650 extensions and Five-Mega making 68mm and 102mm extensions this should go even further in LED options.

http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?385827-project-OrthoDogs-aka-D26-killer I followed this project always hoping you would start posting options and prices. With newer hi capacity/high drain 18650’s some of those high amp wonders would actually have some run time. I urge our forum members to take a look a this to see how far it can go. Dropins would now be screwins.

If I am not mistaken, that only works with SureFire threaded bodies. I had seen this before, but just could not figure out why it looked so odd being a Solarforce fan. The P60 cup is part of the tube on a Solarforce… I guess, lightbulb moment for me… Really slow on the uptake!

I shoved a big hunk of aluminum into 502B once: press fit and secured with arctic alumina adhesive. It’s a very good sinker. It isn’t all that beautiful and the aluminum is plenty functional. I have it in my car door for easy access. I have a dedomed XML-2 in there running on a FET.

I’d be interested in this project depending on the price.

I’d never give up the versatility and upgrade ability of the P60 sytsem, for my own use. Big fan of interchangeable pills, redundancy and easy repair and upgrade.

I still love ’em all. The interchangeability is unbeatable and the little hassle with proper wrapping them in aluminum foil is bearable for the great usability. I also enjoy specifically build dropins with magic ingredients, like thermal conducting potting and such… :slight_smile:

I think the solid pill option would permit a better platform for higher power lights. I’ve tried the finned bezels but I believe a copper slug would do better for heat.

The Sportac triple dropins are easily modified and run about $36. They can take 17mm drivers. I like the TIR optic that comes with them and Carclo optics also fit. They take 20mm MCPCBs. I’ve replaced the emitters in one but the 219B emitters in the other will stay for sure.

ha, with a title like this, one just knows the topic will be great!

Hi everyone, I’m Dsche, the author of ‘OrthoDogs’ solution for converting cheap|widespread Solarforce|Surefire lego to modern powerful torch

Due wide range of inner diameter of ‘standard’ D26|P60 body any drop-in is wasting of time and money (well, you may fill it with some foil… or something else… but it was no solution at all, just crutch)

Here the one possible solution I’ve found

Anyone may purchase one from me or produce it by itself in trade for little donate (say $2 per light)

Thank you and good light!

Have you made more of your copper triples and quads?

By coincidence Ultrafire have recently come out with a couple of lights which look like P60 hosts but appear to have the pill screwed into the body.