Has anyone ever tried this?

Instead of putting DC-Fix over the lens, cut a circle, cut a round hole in the middle, and stick it to the reflector to make it OP?
Just wondering if anyone has tried this?

If anyone has, I bet Boaz has.

He's experimented with a bunch of different types of DC-Fix and other similar products.

It’d be like trying to wrap a sphere with film. Too many crinkles and folds.

Ask someone who’s ever installed window-tint on a curved piece of glass.

Another option to make the reflector more OP would be to take sandpaper to it. The coarser teh sandpaper, the more OP like I would guess. Disclaimer, I’ve never tried this, just speculating. Only downside is that it is not removable like the DC fix film. A replacement is available in Sofirn’s Aliexpress store for about $3, so its low risk.

But any reflector that is not a cone would end up crinkly like lightbringer said.

There’s that spray-on goop, a sort of clear lacquer or whatever it is, that you just give it a bunch of light baps on the spray-nozzle to get it to “sputter” onto the reflector.

You never ever ever ever ever want to touch, wipe, sand, anything, the front surface of a reflector. You’ll kill the microfinish.

A coating of something, though…

Yeah, there’s a good reason you never want to touch reflectors.

You see, there’s a very thin coating of extremely well polished aluminium oxide.

Touch it anywhere, and you’ll ruin the coating permanently, unless you find a way to clean it without ruining the coated layer, which is extremely hard.

Most folks recommend against ANY contact with a reflector, even for cleaning.

To second what LB says, it’ll be impossible to get d-c-fix to conform to a concave surface.

BLF member Old-Lumens had a technique to ‘stipple’ a reflector with clear gloss acrylic spray paint.

Here’s a vid of him demonstrating his technique:

If you’re in the mood for experimentation, perhaps you could try different sized ‘rings’ of d-c-fix partially covering the outer circumference of the lens? Or different sized ‘dots’ in the center of the lens? Could create some interesting beam patterns.

thanks for clearing up my error, I learned something today. :smiley: