Has anyone used Star brand thermal glue?

Star Brand DRG-102 or DRG-33 I am wondering if it is any good, or if it is really adhesive, or simply thick paste. Sounds like just plain silicone with some added metal dust.

The DRG-102 states: Extremely strong glue for a variety of materials Clean and easy to applyBrand: STARModel: DRG102Color: GreyThermo conductivity: >0.65Thermal impedance: <0.262Working Temperature: 30-150?Ingredient: 50% silicone compounds, 20% carbon compound and 30% metal oxide compoundsService Life: 2 yearsGreat thermo conductivity strengthens the effects of heat dissipation Package Details Weight: 48.15 g Size: 18*2*2 cm Package Includes * Heat Transfer Thermal Adhesive Glue

If it's any good, I could use it instead of AA, for non emitter adhesion, saving a bunch of money.



Nice find! I’m curious about this as well. I mostly use Fujik for adhesive applications. I might have to order some just to try it. you get a lot for $4!

did someone try this thermal glue/compound?

Interesting OL especially since I’am almost out of fujik.

Has anyone ordered something from lazerpoint.com? Good or Bad!

I’m currently using DGR-33 from Fasttech:


When I first used it on my CPU, the difference was quite obvious - immediately the fan ran quiet and steady and not loud as before, and the system just feels more stable with less interrupts/crashes.

I don’t have any fancy numbers, but at least it proved to be competent to transfer heat. So I’m using it to mount my emitters now - and it works quite well.