Has everyone got there sinkpads yet?

I was just checking to see if everyone got their 16mm sinkpads. None in the mail yet for me.

I am sure not all got theirs.
Especially international shipping takes some time.

Just got mine today.

not yet, another month it will take

I am in New Mexico and have not got mine yet.

Very nervous

Got mine a couple days ago. I’m in California.

Still waiting. :frowning:

Just got mine in. I’m in CA.

Come on! Did my first build with one, a P60 XM-L2, done, shipped out already!

Got mine Wednesday. I’m in TN

Got mine a couple days ago here in Texas.

Nope. Still waiting on 10 xml and 10 xpg boards. Starting to sound like I’m out in the cold on this one. “I’ll see what I have left” doesn’t sound to promising. I just hope he will refund for whatever he doesn’t ship so I can buy replacements elsewhere. Too bad, I’m trying to build lights with as much BLF presence as possible.