Have anybody tried high CRI Nichia emitters? (EDIT BEAMSHOTS ADDED)

I lately discovered ledrise.com selling high efficiency Nichia emitters mount on 1x1 cm square boards. There are 450lm cool white LEDs and some ~300lm High CRI warm bins. They look very similar to XPGs in size and efficiency. Have anybody tried any of these higher power Nichia Emitters on a flashlight? Ledrise have them for reasonable prices with worldwide free shipping. I ordered one of each.

EDIT: Look down for the beamshots.

Did you get these yet? Are you able to post a picture of them? I didn't realize Nichia was making high power LED's. I thought they just made the little ones.

They haven't showed up yet, I'm afraid. Here there are XP-G competitor Nichia's and Samsung leds available for order. Nichia's seem to fit onto a XP-G base. You can order them as bare emitters or 1x1cm aluminum base plates.

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There are a bunch of different ones. Which one did you order?

> LEDRise

Nice! I like the heatsinks: http://www.ledrise.com/product_info.php?info=p411_Star-Cooler-swing-style-70mm-for-High-Power-LEDs-with-star-PCB--max--4-Watt.html

Always thought a flashlight should look more like a ray-gun.

I ordered this one plus a 1x1cm board. You can also have it presoldered to the base. I found it cheaper this way.

Link is here : http://www.ledrise.com/info=p1500_Nichia-LED-Series-129-NVSL219A-H1-Emiter-84lm-Warm-White.html

Okay. That's a good one. Can't wait to hear about it. They are/were working on a group buy for those at CPFMP.

Finally. My leds from LedRise came this week and I could just find the time to reflow one of the bare Nichia 219 Warm emitters in the package. Well, I don't have the images with me today but I will post the comparison shots this evening. I must say the Warm Nichia 219 I got from LedRise was around 3000K and nowhere as neutral as the emitters you'll get from Illumination Supply. Those were 4500 K and still 92 CRI. These on the other hand are the warmest tint I've ever seen.

As a teaser, I made a couple of comparison shots of my P60 lights, Nichia 219 Warm (CRI 92), XP-G R4 Neutral from KD, XP-E R2 Neutral from CQG, XPG Hi CRI Lumens Factory P60 drop-in from Illumination Supply, Shadow TC6 NW from Intl-outdoor, SolarForce 0.8 - 4.2V 3Mode Cool white XP-G R5 drop-in and a warm XR-E with unknown bin. You'll also find the beamshots of cool white Keygos M10, Fenix E21 next to this warm tint led.

where are the beamshots?

Just made to home. The Nichia P60 (drop-in was bought from CQG) is in a 502B body.

Here are the beamshots. White balance is on daylight. Almost all lights are in their medium settings or at their high or low end to match the brightness.

At some point it is just orange. How do you like it?

Eye adapts to it. Then it becomes addiction :slight_smile:
It’s a bit warmer than I’d prefer. But still it makes you feel those neutrals of yesterday cool whites and cool whites blue. It doesn’t appear to the eye that orange. It is a bit dim for an XPG like emitter driven at 1.2-1.4a.
The cool white I got from Ledrise was rated at 5000K. There is no high CRI remark on it though. I wonder how it would compare to XPG R4 NW

Bridgelux has released some 97-98 CRI arrays. They are their "Decor" series. Up to 5000 lumens at 3500K have been announced. Some of the "R" numbers that make up the CRI are 100.


I bought bare Nichia 219 LED's, 3 of them from illuminationsupply and replaced XPG on Lumens Factory E-series module... had to use their PCB as I couldn't find any that's 1mm thick... quick reflow with 40W iron and soldered back... I was surprised that except for the tint that just supreme, I managed to get better beam as well than they did with XPG...

Nichia 219 is what I'll use for my mods instead of XPG from now on...

Ordered one of these a couple of weeks ago:


What do you think about the output on the lower end of amperage? :

(cool white)

  • At least 70 lumens at 175 mA, 140 lumens at 350mA and 476 lumens at 1500mA
  • Light efficiency(lumen per watt): 142@175mA, 140@350mA, 90@1500mA
  • Power: 0.49 Watt at 175 mA, 1.05 Watt at 350mA, 5.25 Watt at 1500mA

At least 70lumens with 175mA sounds very good to my ears.

Think about something like DQG AAA, which has an output of 45lumens modded with this?

I bet 70 emitter lumens appears in the range of 40 OTF. But that kind of low draw should give very serious runtime!

Are these really that much more efficient compared to CREE? Really? :o

140 lumens at 350mA is equal to a Cree R5, so pretty much equivalent to a XP-G.

The beam is indeed smoother than XPGs. Though, I were expecting to see some brightness like on my R4 Neutral XPGs but I must have missed the nuance of this 3000k which only gives 294 lumens on 1500mA. I also have a another 219 at home with 5000k and 476lm output. I guess I may try this one in a SMO reflector and see if it can throw far and still keep being smooth.


I am "really" impressed with the Nichia 219's as well (got one in my Sunwayman V10R Ti+) and absolutely love it :)


Kokopelli: did I understand it right, in picture above is beamshot from this same LED at 4500K?