Have you ever had a Ultrafire BRC 18650 battery leak, explode, smoke or catch fire?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:


I seriously doubt that anyone here has, maybe one or two. But in the scale of things, they are horrible batteries.

You forgot the option:

- I was did the research and never bought any


I have never had any LiIon battery do that (During the last year I have probably done about 1000 charge/discharge cycles on a large variety of LiIon batteries).

because I did never own one of these.

…same here!!

I started the poll because when I bought my first led flashlight back in October I hadn’t found this site yet and didn’t know better and I bought 2 Ultrafire 18650 4000mah BRC batteries. They are protected so I have been using them in my Skyray STL V2 which of course uses 2 in series.

Now I have a headlight and I am using the Ultrafires because they have the bump on the end so they make good contact inside the headlight. My other batteries don’t have that so I cant use them.

So since the battery will be at the back of my head, I now care very much about how safe these batteries are! :sunglasses: :bigsmile:

I’d recommend tossing those cells immediately and getting some good Sanyo/Panasonic/Samsung cells off FastTech.

It’d be catastrophic enough to have one of those explode, especially behind your head. Execution style!

But in all seriousness, the reason why we all voted no was because no one dared to get them in the first place. (maybe except HKJ)

Watch out!

Check this thread out: http://laserpointerforums.com/f67/fake-ultrafire-18650-s-72833.html

Although it’s not your model, don’t risk it.