have you guys ever seen half op, half smo reflector on a light....heres one

i was browsing around searching for a orange peel reflectored c8, and came across this.

the seller says its 1/3 op and 2/3 smo reflector.
anyone have this light? or what are your thoughts on this.

SolarForce M8 uses a hybrid reflector. Very nice light.


While not common buy it would pop up occasionally some back in the XR-E days.

I have not heard of a china light having this type of reflector NOT made of plastic, so beware.

im guessing this type of reflector gives you a good mixture of both flood and throw…which is exactly what im looking for.
ill email the seller to see if this is plastic reflector.

I believe Olight has an optimized reflector using this smooth/textured hybrid on some of their models.

It is a plastic reflector (I have the 5 mode version of the flashlight - on high it takes about 2,6A). I compare it with the XinTD V2 of INTL outdoor and this beat the 1/3 OP, 2/3SMO reflector in both (spot and spill).

thanks, thats all i needed to know. i will pass on this light now.

And they have plastic reflectors —

whats deep or long? and what are the flaws to the plastic reflectors anyways just wondering….can get scratched easier and what else….does it suffer performance wise

only reason why im still trying to give this light a chance is because, im still looking for that most wanted light of mine hahah.
still on the hunt for a orange peeled relflectered c8 lol

You might want to give this one a try.


Aluminum OP

U2 emitter.



Just under $16 using “BLF” 5% coupon and Fast Tech ships fast.

nice! i think i might try that one actually. i remember reading or seeing this convoy somewhere. lemme do some reading on that light first….

What is wrong with the reflector being plastic? I don’t think it matters unless it is used as part of the heatsink.