Have you received your BLF LT1 yet?

Just wondering. If you have received it did your tracking still say ‘in transit’ or ‘delivered’

I was in the first wave so I’ve had mine for a couple of months now. Mine tracked very accurately once in the US, through USPS International. So it updated immediately when the mailman left it in my mailbox.

Mine arrived but did not track correctly on Amazon. It tracked fine via USPS using the same package ID though.

No. 6 weeks and counting. Tracking worked on 17 track, after Sofirn actually shipped the light, but last tracking update was Dec 14 and USPS just shows “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment”.

Just going through all of this in a PM to Sofirn…

I ordered my first one on November 21st, it hasn’t had any updated tracking since the 6th (Delivered to air transport)

I ordered 2 on December 12th and received them today. Not sure what is up there… but the two I have look great.

Haven’t been able to play with them *aherm test and evaluate them yet as today was a busy work day.

I have ordered 3 LT1s. First ordered via ebay on Oct 10, delivered on Oct 30. Its mine.

2nd ordered via Amazon Nov 17, delivered Dec 23rd. A gift for one of my sons.

3rd ordered Dec 30 via sofirnlight website, got a shipping notification Dec 31 (today), hoping for it by early February to give to my son for his birthday in mid February.