Hay Fever! It's killing me right now, what do you do about it?

I started hay fever about 17 years ago. I didn't know at that time what it was, but it soon became appararent.

In the last few years I've been taking medication on doctor's prescription. Unfortunately, this year, that specific medicine isn't having any effect.

Today, I will be picking up some other medication to see if that helps. But I was wondering what other people do to get rid of their symptoms.

I used to wear a face mask while living in Japan, like everybody else. Some kids I saw wore glasses that almost look like swimming goggles so the .....stuff... doesn't enter their eyes + the usual mask.

Unfortunately I couldn't really find glasses that would fit me without looking to alien or childish.

What do you guys take/do to get rid of the hay fever symptoms?

It does fade with age. I use Loratadine and also wash my nose out if necessary.

I would think you are allergic to certain things. IF its food, you need to eliminate foods that are a problem. Eliminate chocolates and sugar foods. As for liquids, stop drinking anything that’s cold or with ice for two months. If you drink beer, cut that down. You will instantly feel better. Keep your nose clean when you wake up in the morning. A blocked nose irritates sinus and increases the possibility of colds. Boil water and inhale the steam. If you do this in the morning, your sinus will be clear during the day.

Meds will attempt to remove the symptoms but not the cause. As you improve, you can stop meds and use them only in an emergency.

Nasty, feel sorry for you mate. I used to get it really bad - it literally started playing soldiers as a kid in long grass about 10 - stayed with me for about 20 years then basically disappeared. If it is REALLY high, I sometimes get an ever-so slight symptom.
Itchy eyes are the worst bit for sure, everyone says ‘don’t itch them you’ll make it worse’ right……… :cry:

Stop eating histaminic foods, reduc serotoninergic foods and drugs (anti-depressives), reduce estradiol raising foods, get more anti-histaminic stuff like Vit C, B6, Nicinamide, Copper.
Stop over supplementing and eating high Zinc foods like every other website says, as it will impair copper absorption and stop DAO enzyme working to break down histamines.

I love itching my eyes, it feels so good. But I get what you are saying

I don't know from the top of my head the type of medicine I'm using. Hopefully the new one will help.

Have you guys (Agent80 and Hikelite) done this personally and you got rid of hay fever symptoms?

Talking from experience.

Yeah, I am doing what I was talking about, not to reduce symptoms, but to not have any symptoms is the goal.
However I see the hardest thing for most is really quitting histaminic raising foods, like alcohols, beer, wasabi, etc. Even if you feel an acute or delayed reaction you still eat them.

I suffer from pollen allergies too, I take desloratadine (sold under Aerieus brand) which is known to be more effective than loratadine (Clarityne), which is more effective than fexofenadine (Telfast).
I couldn’t imagine living a spring/summer season without it.

Specially during this time, in which I’ve been more inside my house (city), whenever I go to my parents home (countryside, full of trees, flowers, …) and stay outside for a while, I feel those itchy eyes, the sneezes and all that stuff.

As I prefer not to take much anti-histaminic pills, what I do is wash my nose with water and “sea water” (the product here is called Rhinomer), wash my face regularly after being outside, and sometimes I use Vibrocil spray (that acts a bit like anti-histaminic).

Whenever I know I will stay outside for a while, I use a bandana to cover my face. It usually works, but not 100% the times.

It is not hay fever, though, just allergies.

i take an over-the-counter 10mg cetirizine HCl tablet every day, it is the generic equilavent of Zyrtec. i use saline nose spray to keep nostrils clean and moist, and a saline nasal flush if needed. i have pollen allergies (hay fever) in the spring (trees and grass) and fall (ragweed) seasons, so it is fairly year round routine with a month or two of reduced levels.

These are countermeasures for the symptoms, but as mentioned by others, to avoid the pollen is better, so face mask or bandana, and avoid going outside on strong windy days and storms that stir up particles in the air.

Try to avoid getting started using antihistamine nasal sprays, the fine print says do not use more than 3 days, but once you start it can be difficult to quit.

Good luck with the new meds, allergies can be miserable.

Do you have a good hepa air purifier to use at home? It might give you some relief if you reduce your allergen load while you’re home (sleeping and whatnot).

I actually use a air filter yes, it's a Sharp Plasmacluster .. supposed to be one of the best (better ones).

Almost forgot that I used that.. lol... was more thinking about drinks/food/accessories

I take Allegra, and use Flonase every day.

I also do saline nasal spray twice a day.

This combo works pretty well for me.

If Allegra stops working well, I'll switch to Claritin or Zyrtec.

(All of these meds are generic, by the way.)

As some of youse mentioned, yeah, sometimes it just goes away.

As a kid, I used to be miserable all spring, then all autumn, then even summer, just because of pollen pollen everywhere.

Now, unless someone rubs a cat in my face, I don’t get sneezy at all.

Just the thought of pouring water up my nose makes me feel yicky. Think I’d rather sneeze.

And I prefer my brain to be Nægleria-free.

just burn the hay, problem solved

Hay fever? I wish. I have chronic sinusitis that surfaces every time it gets chilly :confounded:

We have a product in Australia called ‘Flo’.

Its basically a squirt bottle that you flush your sinuses out with (a modern neti-pot if you will).

You use lukewarm water that has been boiled and mix in the powder sachet (which is basically a saline).

When my hay fever is bad I use this 1 to 3 times a day and it is amazing. Sometimes doing it in a hot shower it opens things up (and makes less mess).

I do Claritin in the morning and Zyrtec at night during allergy season. I also use Flonase when it’s really bad. Flonase seems to really help but I don’t like the bogies that follow so I use it less than I should.

Go to a local beekeeper and ask him for bee pollen. Take this every day (1 or 2 spoons) for a for a while and you will notice a big difference.